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Aviation Industry

Aviation plug is the common name of electrical connector, also known as aviation connector, aviation electrical connector. The aviation connector is named for its original use in the aviation field. It is now widely used in the fields of navigation,aviation(aerospace), national defense, military, nuclear industry, power and so on. The aviation connector is recognized in the market as a strong and durable connector, representing a higher level of connector quality.
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For the aviation industry, especially the accessories directly applied to the aircraft body, its precision, hardness, material have very strict requirements. Because it matters to the safety of passengers and pilots on every flight. So What the features of aviation connector?Here we do a little research and analysis.

High Density: Aviation connectors are designed to have a high density of pins,allowing for more circuits in the same space.

EMI shielding & RFI shielding:
Aviation connectors use a 360°shielding system to reduce the risk of electromagnetic interference(EMI) and radio frequency interference(RFI).Therefore, when purchasing aviation connectors , the demanders would have special requirements for anti-interference property.

Durability:for aircraft, replacing fittings frequently will greatly increase the possibility of hidden danger. This is definitely not a good phenomenon. So the Durability of connector accessories is also one of the important factors to test whether the parts are qualified.Aviation connectors are made with high-grade aluminum, nickel-plated brass, stainless steel, they are design to withstand vibration shock, and extreme temperatures.

Reliability : Aviation Connectors are designed to maintain a reliable connection in a variety of conditions, including in rugged environments.

Easy installation: aviation connectors require no soldering, making them easy to install.

Today, the aviation connector people called doesn’t specially refer to the connector applied to aviation field .Aviation connectors are used to refer to connectors that are of high quality,require high precision, are similar in shapes, appearances and materials and can be inter-used with aviation field.

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In addition to the styles listed above, the aviation connector also has the following styles. Some are male-to-female, some are flanged panel mounted, and some are inserted. Various connectors are available.If there is demand please contact us, we serve for you with all sincerity!

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