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Male Female Waterproof Electrical Wire Connector

EW-P23MF IP68 waterproof male female connector quick lock

 Number of Poles   2Pin       3Pin    
 Rated Voltage  450V  450V
 Rated Current  16A  16A
 Wire Section   0.5-2.5mm²
 Outer Cable Diameter   5-9mm, 9-12mm
 Mating Cycle   1500 Mating Cycles
 Temperature Range   -40℃-+105℃
 IP Code   IP68
 Housing Material   PA66
 Contact/Terminal Materials   Copper Alloy
  Application   Outdoor Lighting,Wet Location,etc
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    As the basic core component of electrical connection, waterproof connector plays an important role in connecting or disconnecting the circuit. Therefore, the reliability of connectors/joiner/plug /sockets in applications cannot be ignored. The electrical performance of connector is an important factor to ensure the reliability of circuit connection.

    So what are the electrical properties of the connector? How to inspect the electrical performance of a connector. Male & female connectors as a category of lighting connectors, what are the electrical performance requirements? And what are the applications of male-female connector based on the shown electrical properties?

    Picture-EW-P23MF (voltage+current+contact metrial)

    In the parameter table above, we listed the rated voltage, rated current and terminal material of EW-P23MF male female IP68 connector, which are three electrical performance related parameters. When selecting connectors, you must select and use connectors correctly according to the actual usage and electrical parameters.

    In fact, the rated voltage of the waterproof connector should be understood as the highest operating voltage recommended by the connector manufacturer. The manufacturer, in most case, will specify the highest operating voltage that the connector can withstand in the product manual or product standard, that is, the rated voltage. In general,the voltage applied to the connector during actual operation is required to be lower than the rated voltage of the connector.


    As we labeled above, the rated voltage of WeiChat connector male female style is up to 450V. 450V, how big it is? how widely it is used? Let us briefly explain. 

    In terms of single-phase voltage no country‘s electricity voltage is more than 450V, generally between 110V and 230V fluctuated about 10V. The high voltage usually refers to the three phase voltage.few countries have more than 450V three phase voltage.This means that the connector has universal applicability in terms of its rated voltage.

    The voltage rating depends on the insulation material used in the connector and the distance between contact pairs. when a voltage is applied to the connector, this material will generate heat and other changes.To ensure the material lasts and the conductive metal inside the connector doesn‘t burn out,the connector manufacturer will experiment to determine a voltage.The determined voltage is the rated voltage.

    The rated voltage provided by the connector supplier can also judge the quality of the connector from the side. High quality connector material properties are still strong under the electric heating effect.

    Rated current indicates the current carrying capacity of the connector. It is generally related to resistance of permanent connections, resistance of separable contact surfaces, and resistance of materials. The EW-P23MF is rated for a current of 16A. 


    Terminal material is the conductive part of the connector, and it is also the key to ensure the performance of the connector. Connector failure is mostly caused by the selection and structural design of terminal material.

    Copper alloy has good electrical and thermal conductivity properties, high corrosion resistance to atmosphere and water, and has good shaping properties, easy to cold and hot molding. Copper alloys are widely used in electrical industry, instrument industry, shipbuilding industry and machinery manufacturing industry.


                 fast connector male female connector

    It is advised that users select connectors based on the rated voltage and current,the materials and properties of the contact parts, the applied environment, and the protection level of the electrical connector. EW-P23MF is a quick and convenient connection accessory of male and female connector, male and female docking device, male female butting joint.

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