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Male Female Waterproof Electrical Wire Connector

EW-P25MF male female connector 4Pin 5Pin no screw connection

 Number of Poles   4Pin       5Pin    
 Rated Voltage   450V   450V
 Rated Current   16A   16A
 Wire Section   0.5-2.5mm²
 Outer Cable Diameter   5-9mm,9-12mm,10-14mm
 Mating Cycle   1500 Mating Cycles
 Temperature Range   -40℃-+105℃
 IP Code   IP68
 Housing Material   PA66
 Contact/Terminal Materials   Copper Alloy
  Application   Outdoor Lighting,Wet Location,etc
    ✔ Waterproof Male Female Electrical Connector Wire Plug Removable  ✔LED Connector Male-Female Wire Pair Butting Conductor Wire Crimp ✔LED Water Resistant Bullet Connectors Butting Plug Male-Female Mating Style

    A connector is a very simple electrical accessory to understand. Its role in the circuit is to set up a bridge of connection where there is a block or isolated impassable disconnection between the circuit, so that the current can flow fluently and make the predetermined function of whole circuit come true. 

    Connector features with convenience, fast connection, wide applications, easy to maintain and upgrade equipment, system improvement flexibility.It is widely used in various fields, such as lighting, solar energy, communications, aviation, rail transit, medical treatment, new energy, signal transmission and so on. Male to Female connectors deliver a plug&play wiring solution that can be easily installed without any expert know-how.

    Before setting out on choice of connectors for your lamps or your lighting project, it‘s worth pausing to consider what kind of connectors are right for your needs? What metrics do you look at? How can you make your lighting fixture wiring more compact and match it to your customers‘ preference.

    1) IP68 protection (male female connector)

    Although there are a lot of connectors on the market and each connector production company has its own mature product series, but there is an obvious gap of different connector supplier in the performance. EW-P25MF 450V male female connector has IP68 waterproof grade, originated from our skilled engineers in the structure design and material selection of continuous exploration.

    2) 1500 butting cycles (male female connector)

    You can not only perceive the optimal quality of our products from the material selection, appearance and touch, but also from the test results of exceeding 1500 butting cycles. In the material selection, we choose the new PA66 as the shell material, which has excellent performance in corrosion resistance, UV resistance and compressive strength. While the sealing ring and and O-ring , we choose rubber silicone material with good resilience.

    3) convenient and easy to install (male female connector)

    Do you find it troublesome to prepare a lot of auxiliary tools for wiring? No problem, the EW-P25MF is a quick male/female plug so you don‘t need to prepare a welder, screwdriver, electric screwdriver , etc. Only a wire striping device is needed to help strip out the wire end . If the cable has been stripped for a suitable length of copper wire, you will be able to join it quickly and easily without the help of tools. Because EW-P25MF is a crimp-and-butt connector.

    4) excellent electrical conductivity (male female connector)

    Worried about current attenuation when use connector? We choose a material with a conductivity comparable to that of the connecting wire, nickel-plated copper alloy conductive material for the IP68 male female connector.

    The size distribution of the given quick splice male female connector is an important research parameter for each constituent part in appearance and size. male female connector copper alloy poles comes with size 158mm x Φ32mm.More specific parameters are described below.

    EW-P25MF 4/5Pin Waterproof Connector male female Butting Outline Drawing


                 male & female connector IP68

    We offer an extensive range of connector waterproof IP68 which improve the protection grade  and reduce wiring time maximumly. Male & female connectors of all models are available in various wire splicing, in accordance with many national and regional certification standards. so you can be assured that they‘ll meet required safety standards for lighting and other manufacturing wiring.Special wiring requirements and unconventional products may be available to special order. Please contact us for applicable product or advice.

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