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100 Waterproof Lighting Wire Connectors IP68 for Your Option

Time:2022-09-03 Views:802

The waterproofing of lamps and lanterns and lighting projects is very important. Once the water seepage, the equipment may be damaged, which will be a very big loss. How to connect your lighting wire outdoors?  How to effectively waterproof? Here are 100 lighting waterproof connectors for you to choose from. Different waterproof connectors will be applied to different occasions. You can choose different IP68 connectors according to the wiring idea of your lamp.

T - type waterproof connector is a 1 in 2 out wire connector. It is mainly used in the continuous extension connection of lighting fixtures. For example, when you only need to connect one lamp, you can connect the wire directly to light , or use 1 in 1 out circular connector to splice the break wires. However, in many cases, it is not possible to prepare one cable for each lamp on the same line. In order to connect the target lamp and leave a outlet wire to connect the next lamp, IP68 T shape connector is the perfect solution to this problem.

Male-female butting connectors joint wires by docking. Because of the difference between the male and female ends, this waterproof connector belongs to a kind of one-way current wire connector.Fast interconnection between male and female terminals greatly improves cabling efficiency. IP68 waterproof grade is not afraid of outdoor environment, with good weather resistance.


3) Panel mounting connector-plug socket connector-male female butting connector,a waterproof connector designed for threading power cables through the panel housing and securing the cable ends to the outer wall or shell of the product. The connector and the fixed product are combined to form a locking structure, making the cable connection form more secure and reliable.


4) 2Pin male female connector is mainly for the wiring connection of two circuits. it allow two inductor cores inserted and when couple with quick wire terminal block,


EW-RJ45, A network cable connector for industrial use,the connector develops the general cable connector to the RJ45 interface connector for industrial application, and is covered with the corrosion resistance, UV resistance, high compressive strength round protective shell so that the water and dust proof reaching IP68 grade. Previously,the splicing of the RJ45 wire was relatively complicated, and the water tightness was not guaranteed. The RJ-45 IP68 waterproof connector ensures no signal attenuation in the internal structure design and contact material selection, and does not require any installation tools, saving time and reducing costs.




Convenient wiring is one of the great advantages of male and female joints. By comparison, other connectors may take longer to prepare tools or make complicated connections. Male-female connectors can connect via plug and play mode and can structure lock, which significantly reduce wiring time,improve impact resistance,well meet the user‘s requirements for quick wiring.

The quickly advancing electronic industry has every relevant industry glow with passion of innovation. With the expansion of the application range of networked devices,new waterproof connectors for network cables are becoming known with the increasing demand for them. In particular, with the rise of intelligent industry, many intelligent devices are no longer limited to the original fixed mode of operation, but transformed into flexible control by new networked control terminals. Panel mount Ethernet connector is exactly used on the shell of the network connected device.

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