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How to choose a proper waterproof connector?

Time:2022-09-16 Views:615

Connectors are electronic parts that connect the flow of power and electrical signals. electrical connectors generally refers to  a component that connects two active devices to transmit current or signals. As the key component of current or signal connection, connector is an important part of industrial system. So how to choose a suitable connector?

The first factor to consider is the pin. Because pins and pin spacing are the fundamental basis for choosing a connector. The number of pins selected for the connector depends on the number of cable cores to be connected. These cores are generally used for conducting currents and signals. For some male and female connectors, as shown below, 2Pin 3Pin 3Pin 4Pin 5Pin 6Pin, etc. The multiple options for these male and female connectors allow a larger applied space.


It is suitable to select connector pins as required. When choosing the connector, special attention should be paid to the insulation injection molding material of the connector, which may be deformed by heat , resulting in that The middle of the connector is raised, and the pins are weak fixing.

WeChat is an experienced connector R & D manufacturer. We use high quality PA66 material as connector shell material, and with rigorous structural design, really ensure the stability of the connection head.The interconnection between male and female terminals allows users to connect quickly and conveniently during application, greatly improving work efficiency.


The second factor to consider is the electrical performance of the connector. The electrical properties of connectors include working current, contact resistance, insulation resistance, and electrical strength. when connecting to equipment. Pay attention to the working current of the connector. If the rated current is exceeded, it will cause abnormal heat, smoke and fire, which will damage the machine and even lead to accidents.

The third factor to consider is the environmental performance of the connector. Connector environmental performance mainly includes temperature resistance, humidity resistance, salt spray resistance, vibration resistance, impact resistance and so on. Users can select according to the specific application environment.

For example, If the application environment is humid, the humidity and salt spray resistance of the connector is required to avoid corrosion of the metal contacts of the connector. While in the field of industrial control, the anti-vibration and impact performance of the connector is required to avoid the connector falling off in the vibration process.

The fourth factor to consider is the mechanical properties of the connector. The mechanical properties of the connector include insertion force, mechanical fool-proofing, etc. Mechanical fool proof design is very important to the connector, once inserted in reverse, is likely to cause irreversible damage to the circuit! Of course, this is for positive and negative discrimination.


And the insertion force is divided into insertion force and separation force. Generally, you can ask the maximum insertion force and minimum separation force of the connector for reference. From the perspective of use, the insertion force should be small, and the separation force should be large. If the separation force is too small, the contact reliability will be reduced. However, for connectors that often need to be inserted and removed, too much separation force will increase the difficulty of pulling out and reduce the mechanical life. The required separation force increases the difficulty of pulling out and reduces the mechanical life of the connector.

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