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What to Know About Automatic Equipment Cable Connector ?

Time:2022-09-06 Views:679
The cable and connector used by the automatic equipment are in a very high demand, which is not only required to has strong signal transmission capacity, but also has good wear resistance and other characteristics, so as to ensure the equipment a durable guarantee and a long serve life.find cable and connector for your automatic equipment?  WeiChat is your reliable electrical connector supplier.

Automation equipment has high requirements for cables and connectors. Cable connectors not only require strong signal transmission capacity, but also have good wear resistance, transmission stability and other characteristics. When these characteristics are available at the same time, the automation equipment can run better and exert its mechanical properties to ensure the high efficiency of production.

Cable connector of automation equipment is a kind of special connecting terminal, many enterprises do not have so great strength in research and development, production and supply. if you are looking for a suitable cable connector for automation equipment, WeiChat is a not bad choice for you.

Beforehand, it is believed that many people do not understand the automation equipment cable connector, so let‘s have a rough look at what requirements of the automation equipment connector?


1. Strong signal ability

Automation equipment is mainly according to the set program issued by the central command to work. The signal from the center to the device execution end, the main dependence is the cable connector. If the cable connector is of good quality, then the transmission signal is short and accurate, but if the cable is of poor quality, it will definitely affect the signal transmission and will not allow the automation equipment to work immediately and execute the right command.

2.Stable signal transmission

If the connector end quality is not good, the signal transmission may be interrupted, so that the automatic equipment cannot run continuously. Therefore, in the process of signal transmission, especially in the place of continuation, the selection of cable connector deserves special attention.

3.good wear resistance and flexibility

In addition to the connector, the cables connected to the connector also have certain requirements.good wear resistance, good rotation property and good flexibility are the requirements that automation equipment cables must own. Because the cable will be damaged after long-term use.If the wear resistance of the cable is not good, it will affect the internal stranded wire and the robot can not be used normally, meanwhile it will also produce safety risks. Therefore, the robot cable selected must have good wear resistance.The cable and connector are a whole, which together affect the signal transmission of the whole line.

4.  long service life

The service life of the automation equipment connector should be long. Only when the cable connector with a long service life that  is can help to save resources and improve work efficiency. Long-life cable connectors are preferred for enterprises.

If the connector of the automation equipment can meet the four requirements above,  such a connector will be right for the use of automation equipment. On the other hand, if the above requirements cannot be met and the inferior connector is used, it will not only affect the use of the automation equipment, but also cause damage to the equipment, which will lead to equipment failure.

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