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Why You Should Use Waterproof Connector for Outdoor Lighting?

Time:2022-08-20 Views:874

We all know that the waterproof performance of outdoor luminaires is really important. In fact, in addition to the watertight performance of outdoor lights  The waterproof property of the wiring connector of outdoor led is also very important. The sealing performance of the led cable connector is directly related to the safety & durability of lighting fixture.

street light T connector IP68

In our life,the common outdoor lighting are street lights, solar street lights, courtyard lights, lawn lights, floodlights, sports lights, advertising lights, traffic lights, swimming pool lights, square lights, fountain lights, tunnel lights, underground lights, gas station lights, wall washing lights, sign lights, corridor lights and so on.These outdoor lighting fitting are numerous and are used in every aspect of our lives.

The connection and illumination of these lights can’t not be without waterproof connector.It is because of the presence of these lights that many things become more beautiful. The main concern with powered devices is safety. loose and uninsulated wire connection will often lead to leakage, and then threaten the safety of human life and property. 

Therefore, the connection of the street lamp needs appropriate sealed connecting accessories for the connection. IP68 grade waterproof connector is a very good choice. And the street lamps we are familiar with rarely exist alone. generally they layout into a row or a column or a series. Due to the safety of the street lamp and the durability of the entire street light wiring. high quality waterproof connectors is required to be the support .

This is why waterproof connectors are important for street lamp wiring. and why you should use waterproof connector for outdoor lighting?

1 .obvious waterproof effect of wire connector  

Streetlights are usually located outdoors and their wiring may pass through the ground or be exposed to air. The wet character of outdoor environment and underground is unavoidable. If lighting is to be ensured at all times, some high level waterproof connectors are very necessary,(for example our IP 68 waterproof connector) which can help to connect multiple lamps on the same line and light them simultaneously.Through the research, Shenzhen WeiChat has designed rigorous structural IP68 connector,ensuring that every connected lamp can be powered normally and give out stable illumination.

2. wire connector of high quality

Our waterproof connectors are of very good quality. The shell of our product is made of brand new nylon material instead of the secondary nylon material or low-cost material used in some connectors on the market. This means wire connectors are not easy to age and broken and have a longer service life.

A good connector will not cause short circuit or other connection problems, and will not cause damage and burn of LED lamps because of connection problems. In order to improve the quality of your lamps, in order to make your lamps more favored by customers, your lighting fixtures deserve better connectors . This can not only ensure the quality of the product, but also ensure the safety in the process of use.

3. long service life

LED waterproof connector belongs to a kind of universal wire connecting accessories. They not only have long serve life and a wide range of application. General power wire splicing, household electrical appliance wire splicing is also  workable .

Any requirement, don’t hesitate to contact our sales manager for suitable waterproof connector samples. We are a source manufacturers of all kinds of waterproof connectors 

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