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Panel Mount Waterproof Wire Connector

EW-M19MP heat-resistant panel type wire connector front plate 5Pin 4Pin 3Pin 2Pin

 Number of Poles   2Pin     3Pin     4Pin     5Pin  
 Rated Voltage  450V  450V  450V  450V
 Rated Current  20A  20A  15A  15A
 Wire Section   0.5-2.5mm²   0.5-1.5mm²
 Outer Cable Diameter   3.5-7mm,5-8mm,7-10mm
 Mating Cycle   1500 Mating Cycles
 Temperature Range   -40℃-+105℃
 IP Code   IP68
 Housing Material   PA66
 Contact/Terminal Materials   Copper Alloy
  Installation   Panel Mounting
    ✔Secured To Equipment Panel Panel Mount Wire Connector Ip68 Waterproof ✔LED Panel Fixed Connector-Male And Female Wire Plug Robust Connection ✔Connector and Plug Set Panel Mounted 2-5Pin IP68 Male Female Butting


    Panel installation is a special way of connection and it doesn‘t exist solely on its own when connecting.  one side of the power connector is embedded into the product being connected. In other word ,the wire connected rely on the shell or panel of the product.  It is a kind of wire to board locking wire connection. So panel socket connector provide a wire-to-board connection.

    Panel power connectors can be evolved from male and female docking circular connectors. Take a closer look at the comparison chart below,you will find that A basic style of male female cable to cable connectors remove one end of the waterproof housing and add a panel fixing nut. The resulting connector can then function as a panel mount circular connector

                 male female connector vs panel connector

    In addition to the connection of butting section, The other end of the connection options include solder mount, press-fit and screw fixed. so it also hightlights as 
    1. Solder type panel mount  circular connector.
    2. Wire crimp waterproof electric cable joiner.
    3. Screw lockable Aviation Plug / Socket.
                  panel cable connector three connection option
                                           Picture-Screw Fixed Panel Connector VS Soldering Panel Connector VS Quick Crimp Panel Connector

    5Pin Panel Mount Waterproof Connector Outline Drawing

    High quality & IP68 protection: molded from superior brand new PA66 material and rigorous structure design, water tight, high compressive strength, durability, anti-corrosion protection.

    Panel locking option: contains front panel locking and rear panel locking,perfect for various panel installation needs-led grow light panel wiring, power driver panel connection, led advertising matrix connection,signal equipment connection automation equipment wire connection,instrumentation wiring etc. 
                  front panel connector vs rear panel connector
                                                                               Picture-Front Plate Connector VS Rear plate connector

    Make connection easy: fix on the product panel and housing.plug and play wire connection make wire connection handy and convenient.

    Great design benefits: male and female connection reduce the installation cost of your consumers, improve the product value in disguise way,make your product more competitive in the market.

    Want to know how this male female docking panel connector is fixed on product housing. Follow the steps show in the tutorial video of the 2-5Pin butting joint. video shows the process in detail.


    Our panel mounted waterproof connector allows you a wider range of applications.Whether you are applied in the lamp, electronic display, signal transmission equipment, or automatic mechanical equipment, industrial machinery equipment, it is feasible. We can match corresponding contact poles , confirm the current and voltage load of the connected equipment according to your needs, and meet your connection requirements.

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