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Panel Mount Waterproof Wire Connector

EW-M28MP 2Pin 3Pin 4Pin 5Pin 6Pin panel mount connector back plate

 Number of Poles   2Pin   3Pin   4Pin   5Pin   6Pin
 Rated Voltage   450V   450V   450V   450V   450V
 Rated Current   50A   50A   50A   20A   20A
 Wire Section   0.5-6.0mm²   0.5-2.5mm²
 Outer Cable Diameter   5-9mm,9-12mm,10-14mm
 Mating Cycle   1500 Mating Cycles
 Temperature Range   -40℃-+105℃
 IP Code   IP68
 Housing Material   PA66
 Contact/Terminal Materials   Copper Alloy
  Installation   Panel Mounting
    ✔Wire To Board Connector Easy Product Cabinet positioning Cable Fixed   ✔ Wire To Board Male Female Connector Front Rear Panel Mounted Option ✔450V 20A 50A Wire & Cable Panel Mount Connector IP68 WaterProof

    The panel mount connector series are available in several forms including front-rear plate panel connector, screwed,soldering, lever-nut panel connector, dust cap attached , non dust cap panel connector, male female butting, wire crimp, screw fixed panel connector. WeiChat can supply a full selection of combining form to add to the versatility of panel connector.

    EW-M28MP, a new panel connector which can be configured for use as a electric coupler in an almost endless variety of panel connection devices. In a main housing with a length of just 105mm, equipment manufactures are allowed to embed it into the product panel make the wire connection behind easy,fast and removable. The 50A panel connector will form with the connection product an integral locking system.

    There are five kinds of contact pin options with current ratings from 20A(5Pin/6Pin connector) to 50A(2Pin/3Pin/4Pin connector). Butting pins are available in specification 2P, 3P, 4P, 5P, 6P as well as the custom style.(MOQ required for special customization)

    Users are able to specify pin quantity and wire connect style for increased matched-degree. And sealing ring size can distinguish the size of the cable outer diameter you want to joint. Φ8.5mm rubber ring diameter for the 5-9mm diameter cable, Φ12mm rubber ring diameter for the 9-12mm diameter cable , Φ14mm rubber ring diameter for the 10-14mm diameter cable.

    a. Connector panel mounted male female docking.

    b. Connector IP68 protection,high rating dust and water proof.

    c. Connector 2Pin 3Pin 4Pin 5Pin 6Pin alternative.

    d. Connector 450V rated voltage, extremely wide scope of application.

    e. Lockable and removable butting way for easy access.

    f. Connector up to 1500 mating cycles,durable and high quality.

    g. Connector cable access range 5-9mm,9-12mm,10-14mm.

    h. PA66 material Connector anti corrosion,UV resistance, compressive strength.

    i. Connector excellent resistance to high and low temperature.

    j. Connector good conductivity copper alloy material.

    k.Connector solder wiring,screwed wiring, crimp wiring for option.

    5Pin Panel Mount IP68 Connector Rear Plate Connector Outline Drawing

    We are a leading origin manufacturer of lighting connector and industrial connector including I shape, T shape , X shape , Y shape , Box style, butting style, panel mount style, etc, a complete product line and a strong R & D production strength , widely for the lighting and industrial field.

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