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Panel Mount Waterproof Wire Connector

EW-M28MP dust cap provided panel connector 2-6 Pin Optional

 Number of Poles   2Pin   3Pin   4Pin   5Pin   6Pin
 Rated Voltage   450V   450V   450V   450V   450V
 Rated Current   50A   50A   50A   20A   20A
 Wire Section   0.5-6.0mm²   0.5-2.5mm²
 Outer Cable Diameter   5-9mm,9-12mm,10-14mm
 Mating Cycle   1500 Mating Cycles
 Temperature Range   -40℃-+105℃
 IP Code   IP68
 Housing Material   PA66
 Contact/Terminal Materials   Copper Alloy
  Installation   Panel Mounting
    ✔Panel Mounted Connector Screwless Soldering Screwed Fixed 2-6Pin Option ✔Waterproof Wire Board Connector Plug Socket Panel Mount Certification Listed  ✔Chassis Connector Panel Mount Cross section board fastening wire butt junction

    Connectors exist for the demand of wire connections. In the past, the manufacturer connected equipment by punching holes in the shell or bulkhead of the equipment.Yes, this can achieve the most basic function, however, after a period of operation of the device, it is found that the wiring is not in good contact due to the unexpected movement of the device and the cable at the insert place is worn very seriously.

    The requirements derived from this are simple. That‘s having something to fix the wire in place. In this way, it can avoid circuit loosening because of the cables moving around. How wire is fixed ? What should be used here ? Dust cap attached EW-M28MP panel connector is precisely what can done.

    EW-M28MP connector is a compact panel connector. The connector encapsulates the contacts in a very compact circular PA66 housing that is corrosion-resistant while providing high compressive strength. And the male and female docking design greatly facilitates the user‘s installation and disassembly.

    Pciture- EW-M28MP

    1) High quality Male Female butting panel connectors Plug socket.

    2) Male female plug,very convenient for connect and disassemble.

    3) CQC/ROHS/CE/UL/SAA/TUV certified connector.

    4) Model type -① 450V 50A 2Pin Butting connector, ②450V 50A 3Pin Butting connector,③450V 50A 4Pin Butting connector,④450V 20A 5Pin Butting connector, ⑤ 450V 20A 6Pin Butting connector.

    5) Insert cable diameter- Φ8.5mm sealing ring 5-9mm cable workable; Φ12mm sealing ring 9-12mm cable workable; Φ14mm sealing ring 10-14mm cable workable.

    450V 50A 6Pin Panel Mounted Connector Dust Cap Offer Outline Drawing
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