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quick plug screw locked waterproof connector

EW-M16 2PIN 3PIN IP68 2Way Wire Connector

  Number of Poles   2/3Pin
  Rated Voltage   400V
  Rated Current   17.5A
  Wire Section   0.5-1.5mm²
  Outer Cable Diameter   3.5-7mm,7-10mm          
  Temperature Range   -40℃-+105℃
  IP Code   IP68
  Housing Materials   PA66
  Contact/Terminal Material   Copper Alloy
    ✔LED 400V Wire Push-in Cable Connector Wiring Fitting Wire Coupler ✔2P 3P Wire To Wire Landscape Light Wire Cable Circular Connector  ✔ LED Weatherproof Wire Cable Bullet Connector Electrical Wiring Accessories

    The purpose of locking about electronic products is to prevent loosening of fit parts that may operate under different pressure, temperature or vibration conditions. The effectiveness of the locking is often critical to the security of the system.Riveting screws as the commonly used fastener products in the market also plays an important role in the water-repellent connector industry. It directly derived a widely used type of connector - screw fixed connector.
                cable connector IP68 protection

    Why does screw locking mode has incomparable advantages in the reinforcement of waterproof connectors?

    1. Low Risk of Loosening
    water tight connectors,secured with lock screws,has a low risk of loosening.Creep or stress relaxation is rarely observed in this fixation.

    2.Removable and Replaceable
    In the application process of many products, we can not guarantee that the product will never break down(though many products strive for high quality nowadays).All-In-One integration is the antithesis of detachable mode. if soldered connectors are considered all-in-one connectors, then lockscrew connectors should be removable and maintainable connectors.  Straight circular connector with this convenience allows users to disconnect loads for maintenance purposes.

    3.Safer and More Stable
    Are screw locked UL approved connectors safer? Yes, screw fastening connectors are safer.Safety refers to the security, stability and possible effects of voltage and current conduction of the 400V connector 17.5A connector when transmitting.

    4.Make product quality more reliable
    The use of screws to assemble product is common in many industries.  Screw locking can be involved in many industries, thanks to its own comprehensive performance, stable structure, durable, cost-effective. Once installation it can serve for several years, which is basically equal to once and for all. It can make the applied product more reliable and attract more industries to use it over time.

    IP68 tightness connector- IP68 tightness  is a guarantee for the safety of outdoor lines and the normal operation of each power project. 

               IP68 lighting wire connector

    Flame resistance connector- Relative to the more fire-prone line environment , a flame-retardant connector is safer in line connection applications.

    SAA approved connector- EW-M16 circular wire to wire connector, in addition to be a SAA certified connector, it is also a UL certified connector, TUV listed connector, ROHS approved connector, CE rated connector, CQC approved connector.

    Anti-corrosion connector-Corrosion-resistant connectors make it durable in many environments. So these connectors are also called underground connectors, underwater connectors, waterside connectors, seaside connectors, ship connectors.

    Nickel-Plated Brass connector-NPB connector (Nickel-Plated Brass connector) , The Nickel-Plated Brass contact material has good electrical conductivity, and can form a stable protective film on the surface, which is not easy to be corroded and rusted.

    3Pin 400V Connector Screw Locked Connector Outline Drawing


    Here is one example of our hundreds of water tight connector applications. As a lighting connector,it is mainly used for wiring panel lights, connecting city mains access, LED driver, panel lights, dimming driver, and other all kinds of induction detection equipment associated with the lamps.It is time to select appropriate showerproof connectors that can be exactly suit your lighting new upgrade and invention.


    waterproof connector installation

    WeiChat company was found in 2016 with the main business of producing waterproof wire connector and junction box . We are a waterproof connector source factory, with its own design and development team.our management idea is providing complete wire connecting solutions which is based on the needs of customer through our well-experienced engineering and R&D.
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