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quick plug screw locked waterproof connector

EW-M20 2-6Pin PA66 waterproof cable connector screw clamp

 Number of Poles   2/3/4/Pin   5/6Pin      
 Rated Voltage   400V   400V
 Rated Current   24A   17.5A
 Wire Section   0.5-2.5mm²/0.5-1.5mm²
 Outer Cable Diameter   5-9mm, 9-12mm
 Temperature Range   -40℃-+105℃
 IP Code   IP68
 Housing Material   PA66
 Contact/Terminal Materials   Copper Alloy
    ✔ LED wire connector Aviation Circular Connectors 2P 3P IP68 Connector Plug  ✔electrical sealed LED connector plug wire to wire connection safety assured ✔Electrical Cable Connectors Screw Clamp IP68 Lighting System Connector

    Riveted screws not only play an important role in the electronic and electrical industry, telecommunications industry, sheet metal industry and other industries, but also have an important role in the connector industry used in all walks of life.

    It is used in the connector to lock the wire to be connected, so that the wire and our built-in connector conductive core form a conducting loop. When using the 400V connector to connect the wire, you need to loose riveting screw first, and then insert the wire core (about 6-8mm) that has been peeled. Then re-tighten the screws so that each incoming wire is locked and secured tightly, finally re-fit the entire IP68 straight connector to complete the wiring. The cable connection is not very complicated and requires a few simple steps. 

    Riveting screw has the advantages of high strength, strong hardness, burliness, adjustable crimping force, removable, durable application, strong practicability and so on.As a  screw fasten waterproof connector, it also inherits these characteristics of riveting screws. 

    The riveting screws used in the conductor wire connectors are qualified products produced by the steel forming processing suppliers. And their mechanical properties are in accordance with the mechanical design standard and the specification of mechanical property parameters of steel for various application products.

                 IP68 wire to wire connector

    1.Flexible cable connectors IP68 rating for outdoors, open-air, underground, underwater, wet location, seaside,etc.
    2.Water and dust proof to IP68 when applied in connection with other electrical loads.
    3.non-slip striped locking nut can easily screw and lock the cable.
    4.2P 3P 4P 5P 6P contact poles optional,ideal for a variety of wire core connection needs.
    5.Carried loads up to 400V totally,not only suitable for civil use but also suitable for industrial use.
    6. Contact Pin number to Current withstand vary: 24A: 2-4Pin 17.5A:5-6Pin.
    7. certification listing-UL connector,TUV connector,CE connector,SAA connector,ROHS connector,CQC connector.
    8.High low working temperature range  -40℃-+105℃
    9.Screw type connecting head, solid and fastening connection.
    10.Choice of outer cable accepted 5-9mm or 9-12mm spec depend on sealing ring size.
    11.Conductive wire core diameter 0.5-2.5mm² / 0.5-1.5mm² feasible.
    12. Nylon PA66 housing material strong corrosion resistance, UV resistance and high compressive strenght.

    6Pin IP68 Connector Screwed Connector Outline Drawing


    In the isolated connector application shown below, the waterproof connector is first connected to the access mains and then to the LED driver, from which two wires are derived. One is connected to the LED light to provide steady DC power and the other is connected to the mini knob dimming controller.


    The above picture only shows the application of a single lamp. In a spacious space, you need may be dozens of lamp. Faced the problem how to simplified wiring and what electric connectors should be chosen,you can come here to consult our salesman, I believe they are very happy to provide you with an optimized scheme.

    WeiChat produce and provide to the consumers as following:

    a. Quick wire crimp waterproof led lighting wire connector.  b. IP68 waterproof male to female wire connector.

    c. Screw fixed IP68 water resistance wire connector.    d. Water-repellent panel mounted connector plug socket.

    e. Multi-way option waterproof junction box. f. Terminal blocks wire connectors.

    g.widely-use plastic cable gland. h. Panel mounting metal cable gland 

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