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quick plug screw locked waterproof connector

EW-M20X screw locked X shape 2Pin 3Pin wire waterproof connector

  Number of Poles   2/3Pin
  Rated Voltage   450V
  Rated Current   24A
  Wire Section   0.5-2.5mm²
  Outer Cable Diameter   5-9mm,9-12mm          
  Temperature Range   -40℃-+105℃
  IP Code   IP68
  Housing Materials   PA66
  Contact/Terminal Material   Copper Alloy
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    When wiring, every engineer hopes to find the best and most economical solution. For example, underground cable connection. Underground wiring should pay special attention to these two points- waterproof solution and reasonable planning. Sometimes the best solution can be achieved with the help of a few small accessories,like waterproof  wire connectors. 

    The underground environment is changeable and complex. The water content, salt content, soil quality, temperature, humidity, PH, and microorganisms of the soil all affect the cables and metal materials buried in the ground. The underground environment is relatively poor, especially in seasons with more rain or places with perennial stagnant water, and the soil moisture is relatively large. 

    The soil itself has water absorption and moisture retention. In addition, the underground ventilation condition is poor.The drying rate is much slower than the ground. when wiring, especially at the wire joining position, special attention should be paid to the selection of connectors with high waterproof grade.EW-M20X screw connector is a IP68 waterproof  connector,which can well guard your underground cable.

               1 in 3 out connector IP68 connector

    reasonable planning is to realize the intensification of wiring, the minimization of cable use, and the rationalization of line direction.

    IP68 waterproof:
     Connector with very excellent waterproof performance make it not be afraid of any harsh environment challenge. It can be a good buried lighting connector, street light connector, courtyard light connector, grow light connector.

    Safe and durable:
    The 4 way connector is made of nylon PA66, which has flame retardant and good insulation and high resistance to wear, lowering potential safety hazards. Contact material is made of nickel-plated brass, strong conductivity, rust resistance and corrosion resistance. 

    Screw fixation: well suited screw mounting hole is very convenient for crimping screw tightening fixed insertion wire. The conductive part and the connecting support form a structural fit.The overall connection of IP68 rating connector is very stable and strong.

    Wide application: WeiChat screw fixed connectors are widely applied for garden lamp, landscape lamp, street lamp, buried lamp,sports lamp, greenhouse plant lamp and conventional electrical connections. Suitable for wire section 0.5-2.5mm².

    source manufacturer:Working with factory connector manufacturer, your concerns and details can be better addressed. And connector OEM/ODM is available for you here.

    Screwed Connector X 4Way Connector Outline Drawing


    Three LED drivers are connected to the mains via straight connectors (wire-to-wire connectors) to switch the supply power from AC to DC. For the outlet, there are two wires for each power drive one of which is connected to the light fixture, and the other wire is connected to the controller after gathering by 3 in 1 out connector.

    So the four terminals of this four-way connector are the same. No matter which end is the incoming end and which end is the outgoing end, it is OK. Based on the above application we can call it a 3 in 1 out connector. if it is applied to the mains connection, it can also be  a 1 in 3 out connector.


    Consult us and you won‘t be at a loss to choose the right connector. Because we provide a very rich variety of connectors, can meet your needs. In the development of new connectors, we‘re always on the way. We always want to be able to introduce new continually to meet the new needs of power connectors signal connectors in most industries.

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