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quick plug screw locked waterproof connector

EW-M25 1 in 2 out wire splitting sealed circuit connector

 Number of Poles   2/3/4/Pin   5Pin
 Rated Voltage   400V   400V
 Rated Current   41A   24A
 Wire Section   0.5-6mm²   0.5-2.5mm²
 Outer Cable Diameter   5-9mm,9-12mm,10-14mm,14-18mm
 Temperature Range   -40℃-+105℃
 IP Code   IP68
 Housing Material   PA66
 Contact/Terminal Materials   Copper Alloy
    ✔LED IP68 Wire Connector TUV Standard Outdoor Wet Location Use ✔ Electrical Wiring Kit LED Cable Conductor Connectors Proof Against Water ✔ Wire Conductor connector IP68 Pool Light Fountains Lamp Feasible

    1 in 2 out wire cable connector

    The buried lamp is a kind of lamp buried in the ground, which is also one of the most common outdoor applications. Underground light is named because it is buried in the ground for lighting. In addition to illuminating the ground, indicating the way and ensuring pedestrian safety, it can also be used to illuminate the vegetation, trees, walls- beautifying the landscape and decorating the building facade. It is commonly found in parks, plaza,private villa,garden,shopping malls,parking lots, tourist attractions, residential areas, urban sculptures, pedestrian streets, outdoor steps, hotels, campuses, outdoor lawns.

    When talking about how to install and wire buried lamps, generally lighting suppliers will explain the whole set of products including lamps and various parts used for the installation of buried lamps, explaining their uses. Here, some wiring accessories waterproof grade at least IP67, preferably IP68 are listed in the install fitting sheet. The wiring accessories mentioned above are the 1 in 2 out buried lamp connectors we are going to talk about today.

    How to Use 1-in-2-out connector IP68 Waterproof Connector

    The conversion of 110V or 220V AC to 12-24V DC section use the wire to wire connector with water resistance rating IP68. Most of our connectors are rated at 450V and are fully capable of splicing any circuit in this voltage range.

    The following connection is our 1 in 2 out underground connectors IP68 grade and the buried lights on this circuit. 1 to 2 connectors not only provide the power to illuminate the buried lights on the branch, but also retains the power supply capacity of the main road, making the wiring of the whole line more reasonable and simple. IP68 waterproof protection of connector is added to the safety of the loop with a protective wall.

    ● Safety electrical connector, IP68 water proof and dust proof protection, competent for wet location.

    ● 1 in 2 out electric connector 2Pin 3Pin 4Pin 5Pin support 4 ranges cable Φ5-9mm,Φ9-12mm,Φ10-14mm,Φ14-18mm.

    ● Both low direct current and high alternating current(41A-2P 3P 4P; 24A-5P) power IP68 connector acceptable.

    ● Avoid separate wiring, can connect two lighting drivers or two lamps or two lighting modules at the same time.

    ● Small compact connector ,easy to connect cables, soldering iron is not required.

    ● Circular connector with wide application, you can use it to connect power cable in any place where it needs for indoor outdoor application.

    ●  CE listed connector made of high quality materials. heat-resistant and flame-resistant nylon PA66 housing material, well conductivity contact pins, size-fitted sealing rings.

    ●  UL approved connector rated voltage≤ 400V, rated current≤ 41A (2P 3P 4P), rated current≤ 24A (5P); work temperature: -40℃ ~+ 105 ℃.

    ● TUV standard connector appear with IP68 water proof,moisture proof,dust proof,anti-corrosion, UV resistance,high compressive strength.

    ● SAA approved connector with the function of repairing and extending power cables.

    1 in 2 out Connector Screwed Connector Outline Drawing

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