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quick plug screw locked waterproof connector

EW-M25-1 in 3 out wire splitting waterproof cable connector

 Number of Poles   2/3/4/Pin   5Pin
 Rated Voltage   400V   400V
 Rated Current   41A   24A
 Wire Section   0.5-6mm²   0.5-2.5mm²
 Outer Cable Diameter   5-9mm,9-12mm,10-14mm,14-18mm
 Temperature Range   -40℃-+105℃
 IP Code   IP68
 Housing Material   PA66
 Contact/Terminal Materials   Copper Alloy
    ✔Protected Wire-to-Wire Connectors & Cable Assembly LED Outdoor Waterproof  ✔IP68 Waterproof Cable-to-Cable Connector Wire Screw Locking 1 In 3 Out ✔ Waterproof Wire Splitter Cable Connector Screw Clamp Wire Joint 

    1 in 3 out connector waterproof connector lighting connector

    A 1 in 3 out connector wire-wire connector is a wire cable splitter that allows three output loops to be connected simultaneously to a node in the same input loop. And the little component that this node forms is this EW-M25-3T 400V connector 24A connector 1-in-3-out connector IP68 connector.

    Picture-1-in-3-out connector & node

    A three-hole sealing ring is used at the larger end of the 5-18mm cable connector. These three holes are mainly for the convenience of three wire going through . rubber sealing ring, together with the clamping claw , form a tight waterproof structure of connector.

    Picture-three-hole sealing ring connector

    The Six certifications 1-3 connector IP68 connector have approved 

    WeiChat company has always believed that consumers have the right to know connector certifications. Whether it is because of increased consumer confidence, or because of the applicability of connector applications and export adaptation. We have been doing our best to meet consumer demand.

    Many certifications are related to safety, some are related to environmental protection, and some are related to compliance with government regulations in the country or region. EW-M25-3T screw type connector is UL certified connector, SAA certified connector, CE certified Connector, TUV certified Connector, ROHS certified Connector, CQC certified Connector.If your region or market has special certification needs, you can contact our sales staff for more information.

    Picture- connector certifications

    ● Selections for you: 1 in 2 out connector, 1 in 3 out connector, 1 in 4 out connector, 1 in 5 out connector.

    ● 400V load voltage screw cable splitter, Works with almost any  popular power distribution device.

    Good conductivity, stable transmission, almost negligible transmission resistance.

    ● PA66 hoousing material, wear-resistant and crack resistant, not easy embrittlement.

    ● 1 to 3 cable connector, turn one inlet into 3 outlets,separate wiring is no need.

    ● 24A(5-Pin connector) to 41A (2/3/4-Pin connector) extra-high load current,the security has the safeguard.

    ● One to three wire connector work fine with outer cable range: 5-9mm,9-12mm,10-14mm,14-18mm.

    ● IP68 waterproof protection, safe for outdoor environment, wet location, underground and other heavy moisture places use .

    ● waterproof cable connector (1 in 3 out), compatible with two range wire section 0.5-6mm²(2P 3P 4P)and 0.5-2.5 mm²(5P).

    ● waterproof electric cable joiner adapt to high and low temperature environment -40℃-+105℃.

    1 in 3 out Connector IP68 Screwed Connector Outline Drawing

    Five Steps to Connect 1-in-3-out Connector Screw Fixed Connector

    1. Unscrew the locking nuts at both ends.

    2. Route the cables through the waterproof locking nuts with rubber sealing rings, one hole or three holes. 

    3. Connect the cables to the middle screw connector according to the corresponding wiring rules.

    4. Check whether each wire core is securely connected.

    5. Re-tighten the locking nuts at both ends.

    (Please note that all operations should be carried out under the condition of power failure)


    In the above application, the mains power passes through the 1 in 3 out seal connector to connect the three LED drivers of the panel light separately.The current/voltage passing through the cable are all large AC current voltage. Connector rated voltage 400V connector rated current 41A is nothing for you to worry about the safety.

    Similar applications can also be used in modular lamps, such as plant lamps, sports lamps, floodlights, etc. So this connector is also a lighting connector with excellent characteristics. 

    There is a straight connector/ wire-to-wire connector on one of the wires connecting the three LED drivers. This connector is mainly used to make up for the short length of the connecting cable. So our I shaped connector can also be called a wire extension connector.

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