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quick plug screw locked waterproof connector

EW-M25 2Pin 3PIN 4Pin 5Pin IP68 waterproof wire connector screw fixed

 Number of Poles   2/3/4/Pin   5Pin
 Rated Voltage   400V   400V
 Rated Current   41A   24A
 Wire Section   0.5-6mm²   0.5-2.5mm²
 Outer Cable Diameter   5-9mm, 9-12mm, 10-14mm
 Temperature Range   -40℃-+105℃
 IP Code   IP68
 Housing Material   PA66
 Contact/Terminal Materials   Copper Alloy
    ✔ Lighting Fixture Dust Water Proof Electric Connector wire joint Electronic  ✔Outdoor LED Cable Wire Connectors 0.5-2.5mm² Conductor Cord 2/3/4/5Pin ✔Air-Open Lighting Electrical Cable Connectors Wire Connect Parts IP68 Rated

    Today WeiChat connector manufacturers will introduce the pressing principle of screw connector and the characteristics of this connector. Let’s take a look together now!Screw crimp connector is a connection technology that secures the wire core through the action of pressure to form a stable circuit path between the conductive wire core and the contacts inside the connector.

    When we speak of crimping for this screwed 400V connector, there are two forces involved in crimping: the tightening force and the breaking torque. Tightening force refers to the recommended value of screw into the workpiece, generally there is a corresponding tightening torque standard table; The breaking torque is the minimum value at which the screw is broken. 

    The introduction of these two forces is not intended to give appropriate recommended values of screw crimping forces. It‘s that the user specifically asked a common question when consulting the 24A&41A connector product. Can the copper alloy contact connector we provided be tightened by electric screwdriver? So we make a statement here. Yes, this flame retardant & anti-corrosion connector allows you to work with electric screwdrivers and manual screwdrivers. You can do either. It‘s up to you. As for screw fixed tightening force, you can rely on hand feeling and experience, or refer to the general tightening force standard table. 

    In the selection of materials we never neglect the quality, we choose screw that strength is high enough to guard the quality of our various weather proof connectors and fit consumers’ demand.

    Well conductivity contact pin and insulator design for power connection.
    Proven IP68 waterproof rating underground connector.
    Water proof ,dust proof, anti-corrosion,rust prevention sealing structure design.
    Contact parts made of nickel-plated brass, stable conductivity, long service life.
    Connector 400V rated voltage, compatible with almost all common high voltage appliances.
    A cable connecting accessory that provides great protection value
    multi pin connector, 2Pin 3Pin 4Pin 5Pin match different wire cores number.
    -40℃-+105℃ working temperature of el connector(electrical connector).
    PA66 power waterproof connector shell materail, anti-corrosion, UV corrosion, strong compressive strength.

              IP68 wire connector IP68 cable connector

    5Pin Water Proof Connector Screw Fixed Connector Outline Drawing

    Below are the front and back sides of the application view for 2Pin round head connectors and 3Pin water tight connectors. It is not hard to see how the connectors are applied to the connection of the lighting wire from the photo.

    The AC mains electricity is connected by a three-core plug, and then connected to the LED driver through a 3P connector to complete the conversion from AC to DC. The two wires from the LED drive power supply are then connected to the dimmer switch and the lamp body using a 2-pin connector.

    As for the other two wires connected to the lamp body are respectively connected to the ultraviolet switch and infrared switch with waterproof connectors 2Pin or 3Pin. By now, the wiring connection of the whole lighting system completely reaches the waterproof grade of IP68.

    IP68 rated connector has a very strict waterproof structure. You can either apply them to  normal environment for connecting wire . You can also use them in greenhouses, outdoors, underwater, waterside, seaside, on boats, underground and other harsh environments.
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