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quick plug screw locked waterproof connector

EW-M25Y screw locked Y shape 3 way waterproof connector

  Number of Poles   2/3/4/5Pin
  Rated Voltage   450V
  Rated Current   32A
  Wire Section   0.5-4.0mm²
  Outer Cable Diameter   5-9mm,9-12mm,10-14mm
  Temperature Range   -40℃-+105℃
  IP Code   IP68
  Housing Materials   PA66
  Contact/Terminal Material   Copper Alloy
    ✔LED Cable Connector Solution Y shape Conductor Screw Clamp Wire Joint ✔ Screwed Electrical Cable Connector Wire connection accessories LED Install ✔ Cable Wiring Fitting and Connector SAA TUV ROSH UL Listed Wire Coupling

     Y connector 1 in 2 out connector 2 in 1 out connector

    EW-M25Y connectors have been widely used in a variety of challenging environments and situations, such as outdoor ,underground, greenhouse, waterside and seaside, due to its good waterproof performance, safe insulated shell material and wide range of operating temperatures. Widely apply to LED street light , led buried light, led lawn light , led grow light ,led garden light . Compact components, simple operation, fast and stable connection, IP68 rated outdoor waterproof performance. Satisfy the quality and meet the environmental protection requirements of international industrial equipment.

    It offers users 3 channels cable access and fasten the cable with screw fixed connecting head,very flexible and stable. There sealing rings are provided at the lock nut of the incoming wire end. The access outer cable diameter varies with the size of the sealing ring. inside diameter 8.5mm sealing ring is for 5-9mm diameter cable.inside diameter 12mm sealing ring is for 9-12mm diameter cable. inside diameter 14mm sealing ring is for 10-14mm diameter cable.

               5-9mm cable connector 9-12mm cable connector 10-14mm cable connector

    Special Y shape connector-The special Y shape connector features the same IP68 waterproof performance and good conduction property when compared our other wire cable connectors. The non-stationary connecting parts allows for larger connection flexibility.

    Screw fixed connector- The screw fixed connector has a special fastening force, which can tightly press the inserted wire core to ensure the smooth operation of the whole power circuit.

    Pins selected connector- 2Pin screw locking connector , 3Pin screw locking connector ,4Pin screw locking connector , 5Pin screw locking connector.  

    Y shaped connector-with PA66 housing material , is a good wear resistance connector, UV resistance connector, corrosion resistance connector, flame resistance connector, strong compressive strength connector and safe insulation connector. 

    Connector IP68 waterproof-The IP68 waterproof performance of the connector can bring sufficient and reliable safety to the connected load appliances in practical applications.

                 y connector ip68 cable connector
    3 channel connector- with wide access cable ranges ,  it can be 5-9mm cable connector , 9-12mm cable connector, 10-14mm cable connector.

    450V high voltage connector 32A connector-you can wire the high voltage mains power and also the low voltage direct current, coming with a very wide cable joining range.

    1 in 2 out connector - have passed through passed the series certification, so the 3 cable connector is the actual CE certified connector, SAA approved connector, TUV rated connector, ROHS standard connector, UL listed connector. For other special certification, please contact the sales engineer.

    Screwed Connector 3Way Y Connector Outline Drawing

    Apply this Y-connector to underground for lighting wiring, it allows you to connect two lamps to the same power supply cable at the same time, achieving integrated wiring. This application is especially suitable for small courtyard lawn lamp, buried lamp and so on. The quantity of lamps and lanterns won‘t be too much and they can arbitrary join layout.

    In addition, the 1 in 2 out connector can also be used for home circuit connections. For example, if you want to lead out a wire from the middle of a complete wire to connect other load appliances, you can use this Y-shaped waterproof connector, screw clamp connector.

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