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RJ45 Ethernet waterproof connector

EW-RJ45 Ethernet network cable wire connector IP68 500 pluggable times

  Interface Type   Data Communication
  Connection Method   Inline
  Characteristic   Network Waterproof
  Wire Matching   24AWG;
  Wire Outer Diameter   MAX6.5mm
  Temperature Rating   -40℃-+105℃
  IP Code   IP68
  Panel Thickness   MAX10mm
  Mating Cycle   500 Times
    ✔communication network circular ethernet connectors rj45 panel mounted  ✔data transfer rj45 ethernet connector waterproof panel mount network socket ✔rj45 ethernet socket connector net wire direct inline mounted panel max10mm

    Picture-wire to wire connector VS wire to board connector

    wire-to-wire network connector VS panel mounted network connector

    Waterproof ethernet connectors are mainly divided into two categories, wire to wire RJ45 connector, panel mount RJ45 connector. The biggest difference between the two connector can be distinguished from these two aspects, one is in the application, another is in installation.

    1) application

    First of all, the wire-to-wire RJ45 connector IP68 rating is a  independent-use product. The two ends of the middle connecting part are network interface allowing two network cables splicing through the contacts contained in the connector without loss of signal and attenuation. Users can use it as a fitting to extend the network cable, or a fitting to re-connect network cable when broken.

    The panel-mounted RJ45 network connector is not a separate product. It is usually fixed on the shell (or housing) of the product. In other words, The connector is used with the help of a product shell as a fixed plate and then achieve a wire to board connection between the two parts. Usually it is used on the shell of products like communications industries, industrial control, medical equipment,, detection and measurement equipment, stage & sport AV (Audio and Video)systems, radio and television and audio-visual equipment etc.

    2) installation

    Wire-to-wire network connector is the connection of two network cables. It is not much different from the ordinary cable connector. The fine difference is that one is used to joint the LED lighting system wire or the conventional line, and the other is used to connect the network cable The allowed wire diameter of the connector is Max6.5mm. The corresponding wire ,also, refers to the network cable.

    Panel-mounted network waterproof connector is the connection of wire to panel or wire to board. One end of connector passes through the reserved hole of the product shell to be connected, and fix the connector and panel together through fastening screws. The maximum allowable thickness of the panel is 10mm.

    Q : What is the outer diameter of the network cable that the RJ45 connector applies to?

    A : The RJ45 connector allows the maximum 6.5mm network cable to be connected.

    Q : How thick a panel can this Ethernet RJ45 connector hold?  

    A :  maximum 10mm panel thickness can be clamp.

    Q : Where can this RJ45 network connector be used?

    A : It can be used to the outdoor camera, information collection equipment, stage AV connection, signal transmission equipment, LED equipment, communication field, etc.

    Q : Can this Ethernet Lan cable connector be used for CAT5 CAT5E CAT6 Network cable?

    A : As long as the wire gauge is 24AWG applicable.

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