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RJ45 Ethernet waterproof connector

EW-RJ45 Ethernet waterproof cable inline connector for data communication

  Interface Type   Data Communication
  Connection Method   Inline
  Characteristic   Network Waterproof
  Wire Matching   24AWG;
  Wire Outer Diameter   MAX6.5mm
  Temperature Rating   -40℃-+105℃
  IP Code   IP68
  Panel Thickness   MAX10mm
  Mating Cycle   500 Times
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    The popularization and application of Ethernet has deeply affected all walks of life, and has brought unprecedented breakthroughs in information transmission and signal transmission. Common Ethernet applications tend to be indoor. With the needs of social development, the outdoor network wiring demand has reached a new height.

    Compared with the complex outdoor cabling environment, the indoor network cabling environment is relatively simple and the protection level requirement is not that high.Let‘s talk about the challenges that outdoor network wiring may encounter, and how do we solve these challenges.

    1. The Consideration of stable transmission speed

    Wired signal transmission is generally less interference, reliability, confidentiality. So in many applications, people tend to prefer wired transmission. The one-cable overall layout is undoubtedly the perfect solution. But we can‘t rule out the unexpected in our daily life. How to splice the network cable without affecting the signal transmission and how to ensure the waterproofing of the wiring place are the problems we should consider. Because the waterproofing of network line splicing place will be the biggest limiting factor affecting the signal stability and transmission speed. Once the water seepage, the impact is great.

    2. The outdoor temperature changes dramatically

    Compared with the indoor environment, the temperature outside varies greatly. Unstable temperature should be taken into account when choosing the network connector outdoor, that is,waterproof connector should enable withstand temperature uncertain change. 

    3. Outdoor humidity is higher than that indoors 

    The humidity we‘re talking about here is absolute humidity. Absolute humidity refers to the number of grams of water vapor contained in each cubic meter of air, and the unit is g /m³. Generally speaking, the absolute humidity outdoors is larger than that indoors.

    4. Outdoor oil pollution

    Some machines that use oil and have Ethernet access requirements must consider oil pollution when accessing the network line. some outdoor equipment are likely to use  lubricants when installed. In these case, the sealing property need to be paid special attention to prevent the possibility of oil contamination. 

    5. Outdoor dust concentration is high

    Dust is a particulate matter that is easily raised by air flow. Generally speaking, the air flow outside is greater than the air flow inside. So it‘s easier to flow the dust in outdoor environment. Dust floating due to outdoor air flow results in outdoor environments with high dust concentration.

    6. High UV intensity outdoors

    When the network cable is used outdoors, we have to consider the damage of ultraviolet rays to the network cable interface.Network cable interface,as a kind of sensitive components, exposed to the sun for a long time will accelerate aging, become embrittlement, and then fail to function. Good waterproof for wiring connection of many outdoor communication signal equipment is very necessary.

    7. Outdoor corrosion

    The outdoor environment is windy, rainy and changeable. Rain or Acid rain is an important factor affecting the corrosion behavior of metal materials. In particular, acid rain has been proved to significantly accelerate the at corrosion destruction rate of metal materials. If you directly use the bare crystal head network cable outdoors, corrosion will inevitably cause damage to the entire network transmission loop and cause unstable transmission or even interruption. Good waterproof connector of network cable can solve this problem well.

    WeiChat RJ45 connector Used to connect two RJ45 cables together, Make two RJ45 cables work as one cable to realize the coupling of network cables.

    NO.2 Wide applied range include Outdoor LED equipment, Information collection equipment, signal transmission equipment, CCTV (closed-circuit monitor series), factory automation control, Real time playback equipment, stage transmission equipment,advertising transmission equipment ,signal oscillograph etc. 

    NO.3 Up to IP68 water proof and dust proof protection level, Use brand new PA66 nylon material with excellent properties of corrosion resistance,UV resistance, and compressive strength, long life assurance.

    NO.4 Wire-to-wire network connection & panel mount network connection 2 optional styles , fully meet your needs.

    NO.5 Operating temperature range from -40℃~+105℃. You can safely use the IP68 network connector in most places.

    NO.6 Durable and long lasting,up to 500 times mating cycles, far more than you‘d expect.plug and play , extend your network line with convenience.

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