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Screwless Quick Splice Waterproof Connector

EW-P20T 2Pin 3Pin waterproof wire connector lever nut wire-wire connector

  Number of Poles   2/3Pin
  Rated Voltage   450V
  Rated Current   16A
  Wire Section   0.5-2.5mm²
  Outer Cable Diameter   5-9mm,9-12mm          
  Temperature Range   -40℃-+105℃
  IP Code   IP68
  Housing Materials   PA66
  Contact/Terminal Material   Copper Alloy
    2 pin ip68 connector
    ✔Harbor Lights waterproof wire connector anti-corrosion ✔wire clip waterproof cable connector street light wire connect ✔anti-corrosion chemical lighting wire connector IP68 rating

    EW-P20T is an IP68 protect rating T shape cable joint connector. The so-called T connector is mainly referred to its shape similar to the letter “T”.In order to make users have a simple and understandable cognition and distinction, we call them by their shapes. We often use similar terms for our other connector products. For example, we will call our circular straight wire to wire connectors as I shaped connectors. While the four-way cross connectors are termed as the X connector. And there is also a special one Y shape connector.
             waterproof connector all shapes
                                                                              Picture :T connector+ I connector + X connector +Y connector 

    Click to check the details of T connector
                                                                            1) wire crimp T shape 3 way cable connector.
                                                                            2) 2Pin lever nut quick water proof connector.
                                                                            3) 3Pin lever-nut press type wire connector. 
                                                                            4) screwed 3way IP68 waterproof connector.
                                                                            5) wire screw fixed T shaped cable connector.
                                                                            6) lever nut terminals connector & screw terminals connector.
    Click to check the details of I connector 
                                                                            1) wire crimp 2Pin 3Pin waterproof connector.
                                                                            2) wire crimp 4Pin 5Pin waterproof connector.
                                                                            3) 2Pin 3Pin lever-nut wire connector. 
                                                                            4) screwed wire-wire IP68 waterproof connector.
                                                                            5) wire screw fixed srtaight cable connector.
                                                                            6) screw lock connectorIP68 waterproof
                                                                            7) lever nut & screw terminals connector.
                                                                            8) male female waterproof connector.
    Click to check the details of X connector 
                                                                             1) 2Pin lever nut 4 way quick connector.
                                                                             2) 3Pin lever-nut 4 way quick connector. 
                                                                             3) screwed 4way IP68 waterproof connector.
                                                                             4) wire screw fixed X shaped cable connector.
    Click to check the details of Y connector 
                                                                            1) screw fixed Y shape 3 way cable connector.

    Name-with-shape is just for the convenience of naming and understanding.In T type waterproof cable joint series products, It can also be divided into quick splicing connector, terminal block splicing connector and screw-locked   connector according to the different styles of the internal wire splicing terminals.
              wire crimp lever nut screwed waterproof connector
                            Picture: T wire crimp quick splicing connector+ T lever nut terminal connector + T conductor screwed fix connector 

    Well, back on-topic to our EW-P20T waterproof plug.It is the first of the three T connections we have listed above - quick splicing T connector It offers frequently-used 3 channels cable access and can fasten the cable with just crimp the inserted wires. There are sealing rings  provided at the lock nut of the incoming wire end. The access outer cable diameter varies with the size of the sealing ring,ranging from 5-9mm or 9-12mm .The parameters are described below the figure.

                 5-9mm cable connector 9-12mm wire connector            
                                                                              Waterproof Connector Sealing Rings and Cable Size 

    So EW-P20T is a cable connector allowing to select different size of sealing ring to change the insert wire diameter.What are the applications of this 2P 3P fast connector? Here are two commonly used examples. 

    How is the IP68 T connector applied to street light? 

    As shown in the picture below, when the mains is processed by the LED power driver, it lights up a whole row of street lamps .And those street lights are interconnected with each other. The key to solving the problem is to add a wire outlet in addition to the two regular inlet and outlet.  it‘s at this point that the T-connector becomes very applicable. Of course, this use-pattern is only the simplest of many practical modes.  there are also many other applications.
             street light cable connector
                                                                                                          Picture- T connector apply to street light 

     No.2 How is the T fast connector applied to greenhouse grow light?

    The use of T fast connector on greenhouse plant lamp is commonly seen in light bar combination grow light.  The whole plant lamp is composed of several light bars. In order to connect these light bars and make them in a whole, The grow light manufacturer propose the requirement of T-connector. (as the shown below)
                 grow light cable connector
                                                                                     Picture - T connector apply to grow light bars

    In addition to the examples above,the T-type fast connector will also be applied to the following aspects.
    1) T type waterproof cable connector for universal wire connection.
    2) 3 way waterproof cable connector for the connection type of 1 in 2 out.
    3) T type waterproof cable connector for outdoor lighting connection.
    4) T type waterproof cable connector for outdoor equipment connection.
    5) T type waterproof cable connector for outdoor fountain pump connection.
    6) T type waterproof cable connector for outdoor monitoring equipment connection.

                 IP68 connector T shape wire connector           

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