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Screwless Quick Splice Waterproof Connector

EW-P20T 2Pin terminal block wire connector 12mm inserted cable

  Number of Poles   2Pin
  Rated Voltage   450V
  Rated Current   24A
  Wire Section   0.5-2.5mm²
  Outer Cable Diameter   5-9mm,9-12mm          
  Temperature Range   -40℃-+105℃
  IP Code   IP68
  Housing Materials   PA66
  Contact/Terminal Material   Copper Alloy
     IP68 water-repellent wire connector of outside led billboard light ✔quick splice lever nut  wire connector for outdoor parking light ✔ IP68 protection wire connector for outdoor gas station light

    It‘s worth looking into the parameters of any product before it‘s ready to buy,just as we provided our clients with EW-P20T 2Pin connector parameter above. These parameters include poles number, rated voltage, rated current, wire section, outer cable diameter, temperature range, waterproof code, housing materials, contact/terminal material, etc. All of these parameters contain information about every aspect of the entire waterproof wiring connector. Purchaser can quickly get a general situation of the cable connector product from these parameters.Below we will analyze the parameters of EW-P20 connector plug,explaining the waterproof connector information conveyed by these parameters. 
                outdoor lighting cable connector T connector

    Connector Number of Poles---2Pin

    The number contact poles of this wire connector is determined according to the  fixed terminal block lever nut. From the product picture above, it is easy to see that the IP68 electrical connectors is equipped with a 2P terminal block. In addition to 2P connector,3P connectors is also available for you. when you buy the products. you can order according to your specific situation. The number of wiring pins in a connector is a relatively easy concept to understand.
                 2Pin cable quick connector

    Connector Rated Voltage---450V

    Generally There are two extended concepts regarding to voltage. One is the rated voltage , ie, the operating voltage, which is of more reference significance in the practical application of waterproof connector, so we have included it in our parameter table.  Another concept is the withstand voltage, which refers to the breakdown voltage. It is determined by the dielectric strength of the connector housing material, the minimum wall thickness and the injection molding process.

    Connector Rated Current---24A

    The rated current is the maximum operating current of the connector. Any current that does not exceed this value is suitable for this connector. You can use it to splice your wires within the rang. Many customer will worry about that the use of connectors would increase the resistance of the entire circuit, resulting in the attenuation of the current. That‘s not a worry at all. The use of connector fitting has little effect on the voltage and current of the entire circuit. Theimpact can even be ignored.Otherwise,the use of the connector will lose it meaning.

    Connector Wire Section---0.5-2.5mm²

    This parameter is the square size of the innermost conduct core. When wiring, it is necessary to strip the outermost protective cover about 25-29mm . After peeling off the outer cover, wires with different identification colors (for example Live wire, neutral wire, ground wire) will emerge. Next the outer insulation of these wires need to be removed again until approximately 8-12mm conduct wire is exposed. Usually this 8-12mm conductor wire is also the part that we want to insert into the terminal block.While the CSA (cross sectional area) of every 8-12mm conduct wire is what we call wire section. (see the details follow)
                 waterproof connector wire section
    Connector Outer Cable Diameter---5-9mm or 9-12mm   

    The outside cable diameter  is the diameter of the whole cable. The outermost cable jacket is included. Generally, the accessed cable is related to the size of the sealing ring at the locking nut. 5-9mm outter cable diamater is mainly applicable  to the size of Φ8.5mm o-ring sealed, Φ 11.5mm for 9-12mm .

    Connector Temperature Range---   -40℃-+105℃

    The wide range of operating temperatures means that our waterproof connector is suitable for most application environment , from temperatures as low as -40 ℃ to temperatures as high as 105 ℃.

    Connector IP Code---IP68

    What specification is the most concerned by users? it must be the waterproof rating of wire connector. Because this parameter determines the reliability of cable connector for underground, underwater, outdoor, coastal, and waterside use. It is worth saying that all our connector products have reached the IP68 grade, far higher than many waterproof connector grade in the market.

                  waterproof connector IP68 cable connector                   
    Connector Housing Materials---PA66

    Compared with PA6,PA66 is more widely used in the automotive industry, instrument casings and other products requiring impact resistance and high compressive strength. So we also choose PA66 as the main material of our connector shell.we think the high quality shell material will be more suitable for your needs than the ordinary material

    Connector Contact/Terminal Material---Copper Alloy

    The material selection of connector contacts is primarily based on high electrical conductivity, followed by low diversion closure value, and finally high strength. Therefore, most of the connector contacts are made of copper alloy. Because copper alloys can meet all three requirements. The connector contact material should also have good resistance to high temperature softening .

    ● 2 pin lever nut waterproof connectors for 5-9mm ,9-12mm cable.

    ● Connector operating temperature -40℃~+105℃.

    ● Easy to crimp and fasten wire & cable .

    ● Rated voltage up to 450V , high voltage withstand range.

    ● suitable for both industrial voltage and household voltage.

    ● Wide Range connector application-street light wiring, garden lighting wiring , grow lighting wiring and other wire connections.

    ● Standard Packing specification-200 PCS 2Pin waterproof connector per packaging box .(special requirement reach out saleman)
                  2Pin wire quick connector

                1 in 2 out  fast cable connection

    WeiChat ,since its creation, based the development on strong R&D capability in structural waterproof design, has developed many types of lighting wiring connector products in line with market demand. Not only this ,WeiChat‘s electrical power cable connector plug socket hold many patents and various certifications due to the originality of research and development and the eligibility of electrical application standards of various countries and regions.
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