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Screwless Quick Splice Waterproof Connector

EW-P25T 3Pin no screw cable waterproof wire connector outdoor apply

  Number of Poles   3Pin
  Rated Voltage   450V
  Rated Current   24A
  Wire Section   0.5-2.5mm²
  Outer Cable Diameter   5-9mm,9-12mm,10-14mm
  Temperature Range   -40℃-+105℃
  IP Code   IP68
  Housing Materials   PA66
  Contact/Terminal Material   Copper Alloy
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    What are waterproof connectors ? waterproof connectors refers to the wire cable connection products which can still keep up the internal mechanical property and electrical property normally in the complex humid environment.It is an electrical connection fittings of reliable seal that can be securely used in an environment with water, moisture, damp, mist, liquid, dust, particulate etc.  Waterproof connector is also a kind of widely used wiring product.
                outdoor lighting quick connector 3 way connector wet location connector
                                                                   Picture-EW-P25T 3 way lighting quick connector wet location available

                                                  Five great features of electrical crimp connectors you need to know.

    1) waterproofness 

    With the development of technology, there are more and more electric devices in our life. electricity powered has become a general trend. However , it is undeniable that these conductive products would have a certain impact on people’s safety, especially when the wire splicing is not rigorous or poor sealing resulting in water infiltration and electricity leakage. Therefore, a good connector should first consider its waterproof performance. 

    In the regulations of the International Electrotechnical Commission(IEC), dustproof is divided into 7 grades (IP0X ,IP1X , IP2X , IP3X, IP4X, IP5X, IP6X). The first number after IP represents the dustproof level of the product. While waterproof is divided into 9 grades (IPX0, IPX1, IPX2, IPX3, IPX4, IPX5, IPX6, IPX7,IPX8). The second number after IP represents the water proof level of the product. The two numbers combined together represent the waterproof and dust proof grade of the product. 

    It is also used internationally as a protection class identifier. For example, our EW-P25T waterproof connector protection level is IP68. it means that the tested connector has a dustproof level of 6 and a waterproof level of 8,reaching the highest level of water proof and dust proof.

                outdoor lighting IP68 3 way connector
                                                                                         Picture--- EW-P25T IP68 3 way cable connector
    2) high & low temperature resistance

    Market approved waterproof connector should has good adaptability at both high and low temperature. WeiChat EW-P25T three-way connector can operate at a maximum temperature of +105℃ and a minimum temperature of -40℃.

    The thermostable and cold-resistant of the connector, as an electrical connection accessories, makes it has a unique advantage. It can be used in both high and low temperature environments. For example, if you are a manufacturer of industrial high bay lights, you should equip the connectors with high temperature resistance property when your customers require some high bay lights for their client’s steel factory illumination Similarly, when you manufacture flood lights for ski resorts, it is a service you should provide to your users connectors that can withstand low temperature. But if one connector is resistant to both high and low temperatures, it means you don‘t need two different connectors of the same size for different ambient temperatures. High and low temperature resistant connectors are the best choice at this point. This also demonstrates that our connectors have a very wide range of applications.

    3) anti-corrosion property

    When your project can‘t avoid a salty or wet working environment, you should use a corrosion-resistant waterproof connector to splice lines. EW-P25T , an IP68-sealed connector with PA66 anti-corrosion shell material can protect the conductive metal material of the fixed wire terminal block from the influence of salt spray environment, effectively avoiding the occurrence of electrochemical corrosion.

    4) excellent electrical conductivity

    We can‘t neglect the basic function of the product in order to satisfy other performance. The wire connector itself is used to connect the wire meanwhile provide a good protection for the connecting place. Cable Splicing at the end of the wire is required to ensure that the current, voltage, or signal etc is well conducted, non-destructive, and stable. Otherwise, there is no point in designing specialized wire connector .

    5) wide applications

    WeiChat connectors are commonly used for lighting wire splicing, not only between lights and lights, but also between lights and drive power, lights and other dimming modules. In addition to the application of lamps and lanterns, connectors are also used for civil, commercial, industrial, aviation wire splicing. The general applicability of waterproof connector can also be seen from its  rated voltage. EW-P25T is a waterproof connector allowing three way cables access, widely used in applicable scenarios .

                 3 way connector T shape connector cable connector
                                                                                        Picture-five features of T shape 1 in 2 out wire connector

    a. connector IP68 waterproof grade             b. wire connector  high low temperature resistance               c. anti-corrosion connector
    d. good conductivity power connector        e. cable connector wide applications


    How to use a waterproof wire connector to connecting wire. here is a complete wiring tutorial of a three way quick splice connector EW-P25T from WeiChat.


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