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Industrial Equipment

Industrial connector refers to all connectors applied in the industrial field. The application of industrial connectors can realize electrical and mechanical connections between equipment, equipment and lines, lines and lines, lines and electronic components. Different industrial equipment has different requirements for the required connectors.

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The application form of industrial connector is diverse, the product material is also multifarious. The connector and the device have strict cooperation requirements on the connection mode. In industrial equipment, the cable gland is a kind of very common connector. Cable gland is also called cable fixing head, cable waterproof connector. Its main function is to fix and protect the wire and cable.
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In terms of material, cable gland can be divided into plastic cable fixed head head and metal cable gland. According to the application site , we can also differentiate it into ordinary cable gland, heavy industry cable connection head. It is often said that the explosion-proof cable gland is one kind of heavy industry cable glands.
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Cable gland, as industrial equipment widely used fittings,what features should it possess?

1.Safe and Reliable

Safety and reliability can be seen from the design structure of the gland head. Cable gland,generally, contains locking nut, waterproof seal ring, housing, gasket, fastening thread. These components are tightly combined in structure so that the cable can be well fixed and will not make the conductive cable exposed playing a good isolation protection role.

2.Good Protection Property

Waterproof sealing not only plays a very good waterproof role, so that the equipment has a high level of sealing. At the same time, its elasticity can greatly reduce the degree of cable wear and help to protect the cable.

3.Make Equipment Design All-in-one

The design and application of cable gland is to make the connection between the cable and the equipment more standardized and simple. The refreshing design gets the equipment and external wiring together, achieving the effect of integrated design.
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The second common type of connector for industrial equipment is the panel connector.
The panel connectors,to some extent, are very similar to cable gland in the way they are mounted. Both of them can be fixed to the housing of the product to secure the wiring to be connected. The difference is that the panel connector also has a pair of female and male interface to connect and disconnect wires easily. So It can be seen that the cable gland is generally used for industrial equipment wiring without the need to disconnect lines. Panel connectors are more likely to be considered for wiring with cable disconnection requirements.

                cable gland VS panel connector

Maybe,male and female connectors are needed, where quick connections and quick disconnections are required. The male-female connection function of the male/female connector helps connect and disconnect cables quickly.
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An industrial connector is a mechanical electrical component. Connectors generally consist of four parts: conducting metal contact parts, insulated support base shaped with contact parts, product housing, waterproof rubber sealing ring and gasket. Conductive parts of connector are used for the transmission of current and signals. The insulated support base plays the role of supporting and positioning the conductive parts.In addition to insulation and waterproof, the housing is used to shape the connector. The waterproof sealing ring and gasket act as an important role in the waterproof function. 

The applications of industrial equipment connectors are varied and not fixed and uniform. What kind of connector do you need? Which connector is suitable for your product needs to be based on the actual requirements. If you don‘t know how to choose a suitable connector. You can kindly talk to us directly. We will recommend suitable waterproof connectors for you.

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