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Industrial Equipment

Industrial connector refers to all connectors applied in the industrial field. The application of industrial connectors can realize electrical and mechanical connections between equipment, equipment and lines, lines and lines, lines and electronic components. Different industrial equipment has different requirements for the required connectors.

             industrial connector equipment connector

The application form of industrial connector is diverse, the product material is also multifarious. The connector and the device have strict cooperation requirements on the connection mode. Industrial connector, because of its application field - industrial field which has a high precision demand for equipment, requires a strong transmission capacity.

                                            signal connector power cable connector industrial connector

An industrial connector is a mechanical electrical component. Connectors generally consist of four parts: conducting metal contact parts, insulated support base shaped with contact parts, product housing, waterproof rubber sealing ring and gasket. Conductive parts of connector are used for the transmission of current and signals. The insulated support base plays the role of supporting and positioning the conductive parts.In addition to insulation and waterproof, the housing is used to shape the connector. The waterproof sealing ring and gasket act as an important role in the waterproof function.

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