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waterproof wire connector junction box

EW-M2068-6T quick plug waterproof electrical box connectors

 Voltage Rating   450V    
 Current Rating   40A
 Wire Section   0.5-6.0mm²
 Outer Cable Diameter  M20:5-9mm,9-12mm;M16:3.5-7mm,7-10mm
 Temperature Range   -40℃-+105℃
 IP Code   IP68
 Housing Materials   PA66
 Contact/Terminal Material   Copper Alloy
 Box Inside   4 Wire Terminal Blocks Optional
    ✔Junction Box Waterproof IP68 6 Way Lighting Box Cable Connector ✔Outdoor LED Power Cable Cord Connector Boxes Wire Range 9-12mm ✔ Wire Inlet Outlet Terminal Block Junction Wire Box Connector IP68 Protect

                  6 way wire connector box IP68 waterproof

    Q: Can the connection box be fixed on the wall?

    A: Yes. IP68 level connection box can be fixed on the wall if you are a wall application. We have reserved fixed holes

    Q:What is a connector box ?

    A: A connector box ,also a IP68 junction box , is a kind of sealed boxes used to connect power cable and provide water proof and dust proof function, making it suitable for all kinds of environments like outdoors ,underground,waterside,seaside, underwater,in-wall,etc.

    Q: Is this IP68 Junction box insulated?

    A: Yes. Junction box is insulated.Generally Inside a variety of electrified lines is connected inside. insulation is an important performance.

    Q: Can I add custom LOGO on the wire junction box?

    A: Yes. You can. logo customization has a certain minimum order quantity, the specific can be communicated with the sales staff.

    Q: What certifications has this wire connection box passed?

    A: This wire junction box has passed UL / CE/SAA/ROHS/TUV/CQC ,etc.

    Q: Are you the source factory of the connection box?

    A: Yes. We are the junction box source factory. research and development, design ,production and sale by ourselves.

    Q: What does the junction box do?

    A: connect and protect your wiring, underground electrical cable connection,connect lighting wire , housing the electrical wiring connections and protecting them from the outside world, enclose the junction of electric wires and cables.

    Q:How many cables can insert this 40A connection box?

    A: Six cables. So it is also a six-way wire junction box. Of course, this is not the largest number of connections. We also have a 10-way connecting box, meanwhile we also offer custom service to meet consumer needs.There is a MOQ requirement for custom order

    Q: How many wire terminal block options for the junction box ?

    A: 4 wire terminal blocks for option.

    Q:Does wire junction box apply to underground scene?

    A: Yes. you can apply it to underground scene. it done well underground-high rating water proof and excellent corrosion resistance.

    Q: Do junction boxes need to be secured?

    A: depend on your wiring application scenario. If it is used for wall mounting or ceiling installation , you can have it secured. But if it is buried underground to connect wire,fixed installation is not necessary.

    What is Hinged Junction Box?

    Hinged junction box refer to the junction box which use a hinge to connect the lid of the waterproof cable connection box to the box component, making it one. In addition to connected state waterproof junction boxes, we also provide separated state waterproof junction boxes(the lid separate from the box).These waterproof wire boxes have a very rigorous structural design, and their waterproof rating is up to IP68. They can be used outdoors, near water, underwater, underground and other wet environment.
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