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Greenhouse Equipment

Technological innovations and advances in greenhouse equipment have further optimized the performance of the products, enabling them to be more widely used in the global market. Due to the application of various electric equipment and intelligent control system,intelligent greenhouse is gradually becoming a new trend. The common intelligent greenhouse are glass intelligent greenhouse, solar panel intelligent greenhouse, container  intelligent greenhouse,etc.

The operation of intelligent greenhouse cannot be separated from the support of various equipment. Intelligent greenhouse equipment can be roughly divided into three categories, including induction equipment, computer control part, implementation equipment. According to the information collected or observed by temperature and humidity sensors, light sensors, CO2 sensors and outdoor weather stations installed inside and outside the greenhouse, the control system controls the drive/actuator (such as fan system, window opening system, irrigation and fertilization system, etc.) through control equipment (such as control box, controller, computer, etc.). The environmental climate (such as temperature, humidity, light, CO2, etc.) and irrigation and fertilization in the greenhouse are regulated and controlled to meet the growth and development needs of cultivated crops.

Greenhouse,as a place of humid environment, the cable waterproof solution(waterproof connector) of various equipment is particularly important. let‘s analyze and check what waterproof connectors are needed in the greenhouse and how these connectors are applied to various facilities.

Broken line connection generally use wire to wire waterproof connector. wire-to-wire connector can be divided into quick crimp style connector,lock screw type connector and male female butting style connector. Panel connectors and cable glands are more common in some control boxes and industrial computers in the greenhouse. 

In order to make the whole greenhouse lamps can be centrally controlled, connectors of various shapes may be in great demand here when wiring,such as straight circular connector just mentioned above, or 1-in-2-out T connector, 1-in-3-out X connector, plug-and-play male female connector, panel fixed bulkhead connector, or box-type connector for more complex wiring needs.

1.indoor growth IP68 waterproof cable connector 

In addition to the plant lights themselves, regular general lighting is also needed for fully enclosed indoor planting.These lighting fixtures require waterproof connectors for wiring.Moreover, the sensors and detectors that accompany the lighting also require water-repellent connectors for wiring.

2. indoor growing equipment wiring connector 

Our connector waterproof rating up to IP68, can fully meet the wet environment in the greenhouse . some greenhouses is with water spray system systems and the humidity of the indoor space is relatively high. Our connectors are perfectly capable of such an environment.And we specifically followed up with a number of users who used our waterproof connector wiring in the greenhouse, and they all spoke highly of it.

3. greenhouse planting wiring connector cable junction 

Large space greenhouses sometimes use dozens or hundreds of plant lamps, as seen in the image below. These led grow light are suspended from iron racks of calculated height and connected by cables from lamp to lamp. The connections between them generally fall into two categories-the female end of the panel connector is embedded in the lamp and connected using a cable with a male end. Or you can use a male-female docking connector, which also can help to greatly improve work efficiency.Whether it‘s a male/female connector or a panel connector, another obvious benefit of the male/female docking style is ease of device maintenance. The use of male and female ends makes the lamps easier to remove and repair.

4.led grow light greenhouse lighting connector 

The application below is a little more obvious, using panel connectors to connect the light fixture. As for the use of two-core connector or three-core connector needs to be identified by the user. We know that some lamps on the market are directly connected to the mains, and some lamps need to be connected to the LED driver to provide direct current for the lamps.

5. greenhouse device cable connection connector 

Selecting connectors you need to understand the wire conductor cross-sectional area size, cable diameter size, number of cores, voltage, current parameters. This will make it easier for you to select the correct connector when you choose it.


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