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Greenhouse Equipment

Technological innovations and advances in greenhouse equipment have further optimized the performance of the products, enabling them to be more widely used in the global market. Due to the application of various electric equipment and intelligent control system,intelligent greenhouse is gradually becoming a new trend. The common intelligent greenhouse are glass intelligent greenhouse, solar panel intelligent greenhouse, container  intelligent greenhouse,etc.

The operation of intelligent greenhouse cannot be separated from the support of various equipment. Intelligent greenhouse equipment can be roughly divided into three categories, including induction equipment, computer control part, implementation equipment. According to the information collected or observed by temperature and humidity sensors, light sensors, CO2 sensors and outdoor weather stations installed inside and outside the greenhouse, the control system controls the drive/actuator (such as fan system, window opening system, irrigation and fertilization system, etc.) through control equipment (such as control box, controller, computer, etc.). The environmental climate (such as temperature, humidity, light, CO2, etc.) and irrigation and fertilization in the greenhouse are regulated and controlled to meet the growth and development needs of cultivated crops.

Greenhouse,as a place of humid environment, the cable waterproof solution(waterproof connector) of various equipment is particularly important. let‘s analyze and check what waterproof connectors are needed in the greenhouse and how these connectors are applied to various facilities.

1.indoor growth IP68 waterproof cable connector 
2. indoor growing equipment wiring connector 
3. greenhouse planting wiring connector cable junction 
4.led grow light greenhouse lighting connector 
5. greenhouse device cable connection connector 

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