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Communication Equipment

Communication equipment manufacturing includes computer, communication, interaction hub and other electronic equipment industries. the audio communication terminal, graphic image communication terminal, video communication terminal, data communication terminal, multimedia communication terminal and so on which we are very familiar with all belong to this industry.Communication system equipment provide powerful equipment support for the communication access, transmission, exchange and other process. 

In electronics, a signal is any electrical or electronic representation of a physical quantity,such as sound,light, temperature, position, pressure, speed, image, information,etc. Signals are used to convey information between systems and devices.

The elements of a signal are amplitude, frequency, phase, time. They are commonly found in the electrical and electronic circuits as well as in the communication systems.

The transmission of signals depends on the medium through which it is transmitted, the frequency of the signal , the power if the signal and distance between the sender and receiver.Sometimes physical signal cables are required.

What are the types of signal cables?

1.Coaxial Cable :
This type of cables uses a single copper conductor surrounded by insulation, a shielding layer , and an outer covering. It is used to transmits radio and television signals, and it is also used in computer networks.

2.Twisted-Pair Cable : This type of the cable consists of two insulated copper wires twisted together, and it is used in telephone networks and in Ethernet networks.

3.Fiber Optic Cable: This type of cable uses glass or plastic fibers to transmit light signals, and it is  used in high-speed data networks.

4.USB Cable: This type of cable is used to connect devices to computers, and it can be used to transfer data and power.Some USB interfaces also can be found on the housing of some electrical devices. Usually these devices come pre-installed with USB cable connectors.

5.HDMI cable :
This type of cable is used to connect digital audio/video devices, and it is commonly used to connect TVs and players.

According to the entity type of application object, we can also divide it into automobile signal line, lighting signal line, LED screen&LCD screen signal line and so on. In contrast, the cable joint are signal cable connectors.

The car signal line is used to control the car‘s lights, brakes, and other electrical systems. There can be anywhere from two to eight wires in the car signal line, depending on the vehicle‘s make and model.  Automobile signal line are diverse, such as coaxial cable connectors, male-female connectors, panel connectors, wire harnesses and some wire to board connectors

           Automotive signal cable connector

The most typical lighting signal line is the RGB signal line of the wall washing lamp installed in the facade of the building. These lamps and lanterns in the night highlight the the beauty of the night city architecture with certain rules or some special patterns.The terminals of these wires are generally connected to the signal waterproof connector. The reason why they can be uniform and show the same colors of light is because the signal lines are connected, which allow it to receive the command from the controller and make changes uniformly.

Similar applications can be found the fascinating and cool effect of stage lamps and lanterns as well as the hot trend of remote control of lighting fixture with cellphone.These are inseparable from the use of signal lines. male and female connector and a few panel type male/female connector function greatly here.Sometimes the signal line and the power line are integrated. So there are also hybrid  waterproof connectors on the market.

           RGB lighting cable connector
AD screens typically display ads through digital signage software that controls when and how the ads are displayed. The ads themselves can be static images, videos, or interactive multimedia. LED screens and LCD screens, as two more common advertising screens,are used in sports venue,large stage, large exhibition hall, etc. Advertising screen image information transmission mainly depends on display accessories such as HDMI cables, signal cable connectors, display adapters, and video cards.
           LCD display panel cable connector
Panel connectors are often used for these matrix advertising screens. Each screen module communicates with each other through panel connectors. In order to be able to install and disassemble quickly, it is more convenient to use male female butting panel connectors. In practice, in order to ensure the stable connection of the cable, the self-locking panel fixed connectors are more popular.
           stage screen panel connector led screen panel fixed connector

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