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Elevator Control

The elevator system in the building is typically operated by an internal computer that is programmed with the elevator‘s route and speed settings. The computer will control the elevators based on the number of people waiting, the weight of the elevator, and the amount of time between stops. In some cases, the system may also use sensors to detect people‘s presence and direct them to the correct elevator car.

This is the software control of elevator control system.In addition to software control there is also hardware control. Speaking of hardware control we have to mention the elevator distribution box.

The elevator distribution box is an essential component of an elevator system. It is a device that controls and distributes the power that is supplied to the various components of an elevator system. This device works in conjunction with the various safety devices and the elevator control panel.

The elevator distribution box is typically mounted on the roof of the elevator car and is electrically connected to all other components of the system. It contains several circuit breakers, fuses, power relays, and other control devices. These components allow the distribution box to control and monitor the entire system.

The elevator distribution box is responsible for supplying power to the elevator car and the various components of the system. It is also responsible for distributing the power to the various safety devices, such as the emergency stop switch, the door opening and closing switch, the cameras the conventional lighting of elevator car and the emergency light.

The elevator distribution box is also responsible for the distribution of power to the various components of the system, such as the traction motor, the drive motor, the counterweight system, the brake system, and the suspension system. It also distributes power to the lighting, communication, and other systems.

The control box is the integrated control center of many lines. It integrates cables of various purposes, such as power supply, communication, AC, DC, and control cables.

The circuits integrated into the distribution box of the elevator control system include:

1. Fuses and relays for power supply and motor protection.

2. Breaker for motor control circuit.

3. Switches for call/car call selection, door open/close, and floor selection.

4. Emergency stop switch.

5. Motor contactors for motor control and direction.

6. Overload relays.

7. Thyristors and SCRs for motor speed control.

8. Push buttons for car call, hall call, and door open/close.

9. Proximity switches and limit switches for door position and travel.

10. Encoders and resolvers for car position.

11. Microcontroller or programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for controlling the operation of the elevator.

12. Power supply units for supplying the necessary power to the control circuits.

13. Intercom systems for communication between the elevator and the operator.

14. Braking resistors for controlling the speed of the motor.

15. Magnetic contactors for motor control and direction.

16. Lights and indicators for signaling the status

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