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Intelligent Building

As the main part of building infrastructure, buildings provide important living space for people. How to effectively ensure the sustainable development of building facilities, create comfortable, energy saving, healthy, intelligent perfect space has become an important proposition in the intelligent building industry.

Intelligent building achieve building operation automation, lighting automation, communication automation, office automation, security automation and fire automation through structured integrated wiring system building automatic control system, advanced computer control technology& management software and energy-saving system procedures,etc. As the basic unit and carrier of the city, the scale and network construction of smart buildings will promote the rapid development of smart cities.

The layout of intelligent buildings cannot be separated from the use of terminal equipment. In order to realize the intelligent operation of the whole building, the structured cabling system and the various wire connectors applied in the cabling system are also indispensable.These cable connectors play a full role as a bridge ,connecting and pooling each device terminals into the overall system.

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