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Intelligent Building

As the main part of building infrastructure, buildings provide important living space for people. How to effectively ensure the sustainable development of building facilities, create comfortable, energy saving, healthy, intelligent perfect space has become an important proposition in the intelligent building industry.

Intelligent building achieve building operation automation, lighting automation, communication automation, office automation, security automation and fire automation through structured integrated wiring system building automatic control system, advanced computer control technology& management software and energy-saving system procedures,etc. As the basic unit and carrier of the city, the scale and network construction of smart buildings will promote the rapid development of smart cities.

The layout of intelligent buildings cannot be separated from the use of terminal equipment. In order to realize the intelligent operation of the whole building, the structured cabling system and the various wire connectors applied in the cabling system are also indispensable.These cable connectors play a full role as a bridge ,connecting and pooling each device terminals into the overall system.

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What principles do intelligent building wiring generally follow? Here are some principles to follow for wiring smart buildings.

1. Adhere to Safety Standards: All intelligent wiring should be installed by qualified technicians and adhere to local safety codes and regulations.

2. Use Quality Materials: High quality materials should be used to ensure the longevity and performance of the wiring.High quality materials include high quality wire and high quality wire connectors.

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3. Plan for Future Expansion: The wiring should be designed to accommodate future upgrades and expansions.Sometimes wire splicing and cable extension can be achieved with a few suitable wire connectors, and the security is not a concern. Because the connector with high safety performance is made of PA66 material with guaranteed insulation performance. There is no problem with safety and is no need to worry about electric shock or leakage.

4. Use Color-Coded Wiring: Color-coded wiring should be used to facilitate troubleshooting and maintenance.

5. Install Wire Management Systems: Wire management systems should be installed to keep wiring neat and organized.

6. Allow for Remote Access: The wiring should be designed to allow for remote access and control.

In building wiring, the wiring products commonly used are terminal blocks, lever nut connector, broken wire connector, 3 way connector, 4 channel connector, wiring box,etc. In wiring applications, they have different functions and roles.

A junction box is an electrical box where two or more wires are connected together. It serves as a protective enclosure to contain and protect the wires and electrical connections. Junction boxes also help to prevent electrical shock and fire hazards. They are commonly used when running new wiring through walls and ceilings, as well as for making repairs to existing wiring.

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