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Rail Transit

Rail transit is a very important part of the urban transportation facilities. Rail Transit has the characteristics of large volume, fast speed, safety, punctuality, environmental protection, and energy saving. It is widely recognized in the world that the fundamental way to solve the urban traffic problem is to give priority to the development of urban public transportation system with rail transit as the backbone.

Rail transit engineering generally includes the following engineering:civil engineering,electrical engineering,mechanical engineering,systems engineering. Among them, electrical engineering has a branch - electrical wiring engineering.
         wire cable connector connector rail transit application

In the electrical wiring engineering of rail transit, we need to take spatial intensiveness, protective property, safety, economy,and installation and maintenance into account.This post will discuss the key points of rail transit electrical wiring and a few wiring connection accessories  in order to provide some useful references for more similar projects.

In the electrical wiring engineering of rail transit should be people-oriented ,neat and beautiful. First of all, we should put the human factor in the first place and try to avoid the spatial entanglement of people and lines. Secondly, it should conform to the principle of spatial intensification. On the wiring installation link of all kinds of equipment, engineers should plan the overall wiring based on how to make the overall line as intensive as possible.

Protective property should run through the whole rail transit electrical wiring project and be fully guaranteed at various level. So the wiring of electrical projects should not only consider the bulkhead protection, but also pay attention to the protection of waterproof and dust proof. Because it involves people safety in a very crowded space and affects the life of its supporting products.

It is extremely dangerous to neglect safety in the electrical wiring of rail transit . Because it can inadvertently induce a disaster that you can‘t even imagine -- It could be an electric shock caused by an electric leakage , a fire caused by a short circuit, or some other dangerous situation. Therefore, rail transit wiring should fully consider the safety of wiring products,and the security assurance of the whole electrical lines in the application process.

Under the premise of ensuring the overall quality of rail transit electrical wiring project, from the point of view of cost performance,It is rational to choose economy wiring products as far as possible.For practical products, few people are willing to pay much more than the product value.Therefore, for most engineers, the wiring products they choose will be located in a reasonable price range. In particular, for some wiring projects implemented through bidding, this will likely affect their tender offer. Cost-effective wiring products should be their best choice.

There are many different types of equipment involved in the whole electric wiring system of rail transit, and each equipment provides different functions. Since these devices are purchased from different manufacturers, their quality and service life vary. In order to facilitate the future installation and maintenance , a certain space should be reserved for the future equipment maintenance on the wiring accessories used.

These are the main points of selection of rail transit electrical wiring accessories - wire connectors. With the laying of rail transit lines in various countries, the trend of rail transit construction will continue to rise. The development of the rail transit industry will also drive the market demand for rail transit connectors.
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When it comes to rail transit, it‘s a very large system. It covers all aspects of system integration. If it is divided by space alone, it can be roughly divided into the following partitions-track area, station area and the subway train. 

There are six electrical systems involved in the subway train track area. They are power grid, train safety system, communication system , signal system, lighting system, train control system.Power grid supplies electricity to all the electrical components. Safety system is responsible for ensuring the safety of the passengers by detecting anomalies and providing warnings when the subway train is approaching the station or an obstacle. Communication system enables interactive communication between the train and the control center allow the control center to monitor the train’s speed and location. Signal system is responsible for controlling the signaling device that inform the train operator of approaching station and track conditions. Lighting system provides illumination on the train tracks to ensure the safety of passengers and crew. Train control system is responsible for controlling the speed of the train and for providing commands to the train operator.

For the subway station area, the electrical system involved are lighting system,emergency lighting system, public address system,security system,ticketing system,power supply system, etc.

Lighting system is to provide illumination in the station area. Emergency lighting system is responsible to providing illumination in the event of a power outage in the station hall. Public address system is in charge of announcements and communication with passengers. Security system, such as CCTV system, is for monitoring the station hall and its surrounding. Ticketing system is used to provide passengers with access to the station.Power supply system help to provide electricity to all of the other system in the hall.

For the third partition-- subway trains, it involves the following electrical systems-traction system,braking system, door system, signaling system, security system, lighting system and power supply system.

Traction system use the electricity to power the traction motors propelling the train. Braking system use air or electric brakes to slow the train. Door system control the opening and closing of the train doors.signaling system uses signals to control the speed of the train and to regulate the movement of trains within a station. Security system uses cameras and alarms to monitor the trains and its system aid to provide illumination for the interior and exterior of the train. Power supply system supplies electricity to the train, including the traction motors,lighting, and other electrical components.

The installation of various electrical systems cannot be separated from the use of appropriate wire terminals and cable connectors. Eweichat company has been leading the industry in the research and development, design and production of electrical connectors, providing waterproof and dust-proof connectors for various projects. If you also need, please contact us to provide you with suitable wire terminals.

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