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Rail Transit

Transportation is an important cornerstone of a country‘s economic development. The unbalanced development of transportation system will lead to the unbalanced development of transportation developed areas and underdeveloped areas. It can be said that transportation has a decisive impact on the flow of factors of production. In this way, the importance of establishing and improving the transportation system is beyond doubt.

Rail transit is a very important part of the overall transportation facilities. Rail Transit has the characteristics of large volume, fast speed, safety, punctuality, environmental protection, energy saving and land reduction. It is widely recognized in the world that the fundamental way to solve the urban traffic problem is to give priority to the development of urban public transportation system with rail transit as the backbone.

With the laying of rail transit lines in various countries, the growth trend of rail transit construction in various countries will continue. The development of rail transit industry has also boosted the high market demand for rail transit connectors.

Rail transit socket connector is a kind of connector classified according to the application scene and application object. So, which connectors are used for rail transit? where are these Rail transit plug-socket used, and what are the main functions of these railway connector? look at that with us in the following.

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