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Solar Power System

The power generation system that converts solar radiation into electricity through solar cells is called solar photovoltaic power generation system. The current produced by the solar panel is direct current. So it can be directly applied in the form of direct current. Surely, it can also be converted into alternative current for AC devices by power inverter. It can also use energy storage devices to store electricity and use it when needed.


Whether it‘s the convergence box that collects the current, the DC cabinet, or the inverter that converts the current, or the controller and the various application loads, the solar panel and the equipment, the equipment and the equipment need a complete circuit loop to make the whole system run smoothly. In the meantime suitable waterproof connectors will play a very important role in the whole circuit, let‘s explore together.

LED solar street light is a very typical use of solar energy. However, under the current technical state,only relying on solar panels directly converted solar energy is far from meeting the power supply needs of street lamps. In this case, led solar street light manufacturers are mostly equipped with batteries to cope with the period of low power generation.

1. street light IP68 cable connector lighting solar battery connector

                      solar battery connector lighting connector solar connector
Solar street lamps are equipped with batteries for several reasons.Solar street lights are equipped with batteries for several reasons. First , the battery allows the lamp to store energy from the sun so that it can continue to provide light after dark . This is important for areas that experience long periods of darkness or where there may be frequent power outages. Second, the battery can help to regulate the brightness of the lamp, ensuring that it doesn’t become too bright or too dim. Finally, the battery helps to protect the lamp from fluctuations in power, which can cause damage to the light fixture and potentially reduce its lifespan.

                      solar battery connector 2P 4P connector

2. solar power home system cable connector home applicances wire connector
             garden lighting wiring connector solar lanscape lighting cable connector
             outdoor sensor system detect system wiring wire cable connector
5.wire cable connection solar energy storage system apply

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