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IP68 Waterproof Connector
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Our Waterproof Connectors

Screw Less Waterproof Connector

Pull the lever up 90 degrees, insert the wire, push the lever down again – done! This is the waterproof connector of the E-Weichat screwless series.

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Male Female Waterproof Connector

Our male-to-female waterproof connectors provide a reliable, airtight and secure electrical connection. Plug and play, easy to install.

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Panel Mount Waterproof Connector

E-Weichat’s Panel Mount Connectors feature easy installation and maintenance, securely mounted on panels using screws or clamping devices.

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Waterproof Connector

Reduce installation costs.Try insulated perforated connectors. Easier and faster installation.

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Junction Box

Protected and compact, it guarantees a waterproof and dustproof connection without the use of resins or gels.

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LP Series
Device Connector

High-precision LP series connectors for automatic insertion. Self-locking, waterproof, and dustproof. Ideal for challenging.

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Safe Electrical
Installations For All

No matter what style of waterproof Connector and Waterproof Junction Box you want, based on our extensive experience, we can manufacture it. In particular,We have a design and R&D team of 20 people.E-weichat has built a great design and R&D team to make your ideas a reality.

Continuous innovation and a rigorous design engineering development process keep every step in order. An international supply of cutting-edge materials ensures the quality of each product. Giving your products more added value makes our mission lasting.

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Our Connectors are Distributed Worldwide

Our Connectors are Distributed Worldwide.

Hong Kong Lighting Fair

April 2023,E-Weichat – learn more

Poland Warsaw Exhibition

March 2023,E-Weichat – learn more

Egypt Lighting Fair

June 2023,E-Weichat – learn more

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

June 2023,E-Weichat – learn more


“It was a large and expensive order, so I was stress with transportation. Hilary follow up many time to track my shipment and my order arrived without any problem!"

Daniel Poissant

“excellent seller 👍 recommended supplier trustable team,so friendly as a family member.we hope will do more business in future.very helpful team!"

Shinil R.

“from start to finish great service . product came in good time as described . only thing I think would make it better is if the marking were more visible . I simple used a continuity meter and all worked fine!"

Christoph Frei

“The engineering team has been very impressed with the product quality and performance. The versatile options and configurations provide product designers with almost unlimited options for the system design!"

Andrea M.


Application Field

Automatic Equipment

Security Equipment

New Energy


Communication Equipment

Electronic Equipment

Latest News

Waterproof connector: a key tool to ensure device safety

Waterproof connector: a key tool to ensure device safety

In modern society, electronic equipment is used increasingly widely, and these equipment often need to work in various harsh environments, such as moisture, rain, dust, oil, etc. Therefore, waterproof connectors have become an indispensable part of modern electronic equipment.

What is the corrosion of waterproof connector plugs?

What is the corrosion of waterproof connector plugs?

Object oxidation is a relatively common phenomenon, in fact, waterproof connector plugs are also oxidized a large part of the reason is the failure to use corrosion occurs, we are here today to learn more about the various types of corrosion-resistant waterproof connector plugs!

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