What are the wiring methods of cable waterproof connectors?

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EW-LP Series Device Connectors

The EW-LP20 series connectors are designed for high-precision, high-quality automatic insertion. With features such as self-locking device and waterproof and dustproof, it is widely used in various challenging environments.

Cable waterproof connectors have evolved from a single type to a variety of connections, constantly adapting to various equipment terminals and various outdoor waterproof solutions. Cable waterproof connectors are also electronic components that connect circuits and are indispensable in electronic equipment. Quick cable waterproof connector is also a component often used in our electronic engineering technology, so what is the role of the quick cable waterproof connector? In fact, the role of the quick cable waterproof connector is very simple: it is in the circuit is blocked or isolated between the circuit to establish a connection, bridging the communication, thus allowing the circuit to flow unimpeded to make it effective to the intended function.As the application environment changes,cable waterproof connectors derived from a variety of connection methods, the purpose is to better adapt to the field environment, to ensure stable transmission of signals.

The following is an introduction to several common cable waterproof connector connection methods. I hope you through the introduction of this article, to further deepen the understanding of the cable waterproof connector.

1. Threaded connection

This is the traditional connection method. This form of connection has the advantage of high reliability. The cable is fixed by the friction of the nut and gear. If you add a fuse to prevent loosening, the effect will be better. The disadvantage is that the removal of the cable is slow, and it takes a little electricity to remove the cable, which is time-consuming.

2. Unplugged connection

This is a more common connection. When the cable waterproof connector plug and socket connection and separation, they can move in the horizontal direction, can be attached and detached. Common plug-in connection has a ball and pin two kinds of structure. This connection eliminates the traditional mechanical locking mechanism, so once the cable waterproof connector is misplaced, it is difficult to pull it out.

3. Solder connection

refers to the continuous metal that should be formed between the solder material and the surface to be soldered. Therefore, the premise of the cable waterproof connector is solderable. Connector solder end of the common plating including tin alloy, silver and gold and other metals. Cable waterproof connector solder end of the common plating include tin alloy, silver and gold and other metals. Reed contact pairs of common solder end of the solder lug type, punch eye solder lug type and notched solder lug type: pinhole contact pairs of common solder end of drilling circular notch.

4. Free screw connection

This is now a more popular connection method, can be quickly connected and disconnected. It is commonly used to connect two simple electrical components. Cable waterproof connectors with bayonet connections will be marked at the bayonet with the correct bayonet locking direction. Users can observe if the snap is installed in the small hole on the side of the cable waterproof connector nut.


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