12 Things to Know About Solar System Wire Connector

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EW-LP Series Device Connectors

The EW-LP20 series connectors are designed for high-precision, high-quality automatic insertion. With features such as self-locking device and waterproof and dustproof, it is widely used in various challenging environments.

With the wide application of solar power generation, the international standard waterproof connector is widely used in the connection between photovoltaic modules and module matrix as well as the connection of combiner box, inverter and other equipment. Direct current is transferred and stored between these components through connectors. What is solar system connector? What characteristics should PV connectors have? Here are 12 things solar system wire connector you should know about.

1. A connector plug socket is a part of a circuit that connects multiple solar cell components into a system. A quick connector for a solar system is called a solar connector and has the feature that it is convenient for plug and remove.

2. The role of the connector is very simple and easy to understand. We use it to bridge the line break, so that the current can flow, the electrical signal can be transmitted, and the whole circuit can function properly.

3. The form and structure of the solar connector is kaleidoscopic. With different application object, frequency, power, application environment, there are a variety of different forms of connector. MC4 connector is one of the most common solar connector.

4. MC is the abbreviation of the words-multi-contact, 4 is the metal core diameter size inside the connector. The name of MC4 photovoltaic connector a combination of these two characteristics. Solar connector is rising with the mature application of solar energy. Based on the demand of collecting current from solar panel, the world‘s first real sense of photovoltaic connector MC3 is developed by a company named Multi-Contact. It is prefixed by the brand name and suffixed by the metal core diameter. Many of the later solar connectors that claimed the MC4 used this naming rule.

5. In general, the PV module is equipped with the MC4 cable connectors. And , the connector connected to the combiner box are also MC4 connectors. The end where it is connected to the solar panel and the end connected to combiner box forms a paired connector with a feature of anti-reverse flow.

6. The long-term environment faced by solar connector. because PV systems are exposed to wind, rain, hot sun and extreme temperature changes for a long time, the connectors using here must be able to adapt to those harsh environments. Photovoltaic connector should not only be waterproof, high temperature resistance and UV resistance weather proof , but also to achieve touch protection, high load current capacity and high efficiency, etc. in the meantime,low contact resistance is also an important consideration index. These all have to be taken into account when choosing a PV system connector, as it will be throughout the PV system life cycle.

7. Solar system connectors for PV systems should conduct well and have contact resistance not greater than 0.35 mΩ.

8. Solar system connectors used in photovoltaic systems are required to have sufficient safety features to ensure the safety performance of solar cell modules.

9.PV connectors used in solar systems are required to have a protection class of IP68. Because the solar equipment is used outdoors in a variable climate, the entire solar system should be equipped with high protection grade connectors.

10 .Solar system connectors used in photovoltaic systems require a solid and reliable connector structure. If the solar connector is correctly inserted, the connection between the male and female terminals should not be less than 80N.

11. MC4 connector belongs to single core connector.This connector has male head, female head difference.What’s more,MC4 connectors have good sealing, convenient insertion, repair, maintenance and many other advantages.

12.Users should pay attention to the product quality when purchasing solar connectors. The size of the inner metal conductor must be compliant. In addition to the size, the material thickness, elasticity and coating should meet the capacity of carrying large current and good contact. Moreover, the shell of solar plug socket should ensure that the surface is smooth without cracks and the interface is well sealed.

Solar connectors, though small, are important in photovoltaic power systems. If the connector is in poor working condition, the internal resistance of the DC side will increase, which will lead to the decrease of power generation efficiency of the power station; if the connector is in poor contact, it will heat up or even burn the connector, which will lead to the burning of the combiner box and inverter, or even cause a large area fire.


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