Do you know what kinds of fire rating UL94?

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Flammability UL94 rating is the most widely used standard for the flammability performance of plastic materials. It is used to evaluate the ability of a material to extinguish after being ignited. There are a variety of ways to judge it based on burn rate, burn time, drip resistance, and whether the drip beads burn. Many values can be obtained for each material tested, depending on color or thickness. When a product material is selected, its UL rating should meet the thickness requirements of the wall part of the plastic part. the UL rating should be reported together with the thickness value, only reporting the UL rating without the thickness is not enough.

When our waterproof power connectors were tested for fire resistance, they melted and solidified on the flame, and the flame was extinguished automatically within 3s, without igniting anything.You can use our waterproof power connectors with confidence.

Grades Introduction

The flame retardant grade of plastic is from HB, V-2, V-1 to V-0 in increasing steps:

HB: The lowest flame retardant grade in the UL94 standard. Requires a burning rate of less than 40 mm per minute for samples 3 to 13 mm thick; less than 70 mm per minute for samples less than 3 mm thick; or extinguished before the 100 mm mark.

V-2: After two 10-second burn tests on the sample, the flame was extinguished within 60 seconds. It can ignite the cotton of medicine below 30cm.

V-1:Flame extinguished within 60 seconds after two 10-second burn tests on the sample. Cannot ignite the cotton below 30cm.

V-0:Flame extinguished within 10 seconds after two 10-second burn tests on the sample.

Test Methods

UL94 flammability test includes the following four test methods:

1、Materials classified as UL94HB horizontal combustion test method.

2、Material classification UL94V-0 UL94V-1 UL94V-2 vertical combustion test method.

3、Material classification for UL-5V vertical combustion test method.

4、Material classification for 94VT M-0, 94VT M-1, 94VT M-2 vertical combustion test method.

The next article explains to you the process of fire testing of waterproof power connectors!


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