What factors affect the insulation performance of plastic waterproof connectors?

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EW-LP Series Device Connectors

The EW-LP20 series connectors are designed for high-precision, high-quality automatic insertion. With features such as self-locking device and waterproof and dustproof, it is widely used in various challenging environments.

Plastic waterproof connector is an electronic component used to achieve signal and current power transmission and control. Which insulator is an important part of the plastic waterproof connector, its insulation performance is directly related to the normal use of the plastic waterproof connector and safety. Insulator itself, the material and processing technology, as well as the environmental temperature and other factors can cause the insulation performance decline, which is directly reflected in the decline in insulation resistance, the lighter will affect the normal operation of the circuit, the heavier there will be insulation breakdown, short-circuit ablation, resulting in safety accidents.

In short, once the insulating properties of the plastic waterproof connector insulator has a broken chain, the consequences are very serious. Then today we will analyze the insulation performance of plastic waterproof connectors and what factors are mainly related.

Insulation performance of the connector factors

Material and processing factors

Insulators are generally composed of polymer materials, in the selection of insulator materials try to choose a greater dielectric strength of the material, the greater the dielectric strength, the better the quality of the insulator; of course, the material is only one aspect, processing and molding quality is equally important. If the processing and quality control are not up to standard, impurities will be incorporated into the molded insulator, forming bubbles and shrinkage pits. These impurities will directly reduce the insulation performance of the insulator, while the bubbles and shrinkage pits reduce the effective thickness of the dielectric, lowering the voltage value of the insulator, thus affecting the insulation performance, and in serious cases, leading to the overall breakdown of the dielectric.

Ambient temperature and other factors

Environmental factors also have a great impact on the insulation performance of the plastic waterproof connector insulator, such as temperature, humidity and air pressure, etc., where the impact of ambient temperature is more significant. Affected by the ambient temperature, the insulation performance of the material will change, especially above 50 ℃, more obvious. Under the action of ambient temperature stress, the insulation material will undergo thermal degradation and cross-linking two reactions, resulting in a reduction in the insulation resistance value of the insulation material, and excessive leakage current generated by heat, will accelerate this change, resulting in insulation failure.

However, the plastic waterproof connector is made of new PA66 material, and its insulator is selected as a high-performance outdoor engineering plastic material, which has the characteristics of corrosion and pressure resistance, wear resistance, cracking and shock resistance, strong electrical resistance, etc. It still has good dielectric strength under high temperature and high humidity conditions. The material has good moldability, but weichat uses precision injection molding equipment in the production process and optimizes the injection molding process to ensure that there are no bubbles and other defects. The internal structure design of the industrial plastic waterproof connector has also been optimized to have a certain degree of heat dissipation. It is these measures that make the insulator performance of Weichat plastic waterproof connectors very outstanding. In the ambient temperature range of -40℃~105℃, the connector will not be affected and can work completely normally.


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